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10 Engaging Tactics That Actually Works Out Well For TikTok Marketing

TikTok is the top trending social media platform in the competitive world. It is an entertaining short video-sharing application with more than 1 billion active users every month, and it is the most downloaded app from the google play store. It has been downloaded more than 2.8 billion times worldwide. TikTok is the perfect place to grow an engaged audience and to promote your business on TikTok.  


Over the past few years, TikTok has become very popular among younger generations. Every user spends an average of 53 minutes every day on TikTok by creating engaging videos and watching others’ funny content on the platform. Many people might think TikTok is only for creating entertaining videos. But the answer is no. Many top brands and marketers are using this platform to increase their brand awareness and reach. 


On TikTok, there are tons of top brands, influencers, celebrities, and content creators posting entertaining and creative content on the platform to increase their TikTok presence. If you are a marketer and trying to improve your brand on TikTok?. Then you need to learn some mind-blowing tricks to increase your brand exposure. To create successful TikTok marketing, you need to read this article to understand how the platform works for brand promotion. 


What Are The Advantages Of TikTok For Business?


Day by day, the TikTok user base is increasing rapidly, and it’s becoming a big opportunity for businesses to reach a wider audience. If your target audience is between 16 to 26, then TikTok is a vital platform to expand your brand’s reach. Let us see the advantages of using TikTok for business. 

1. To Reach A Target Audience 

TikTok is a great place to find a target audience for your business. According to research, most TikTok users are young and teenagers. In a very short period, TikTok has gained popularity among other applications and become one of the most downloaded apps in 2018. As per the stats, TikTok has more than 1 billion daily users and 850 million users every month. TikTok is filled with a huge audience base, so it is the right place for businesses to promote their products or services. 


2. To Increase User Engagement 

After finding your target audience, you need to post compelling content about your brand to increase video engagement. 90% of users spend more than 1 hour on TikTok to publish engaging videos and watch creative content. So you must take advantage of TikTok by promoting your brands and increasing your user engagement rate. 


#1. Be Unique And Hope On Trends 


If you want to become a successful content creator on TikTok, you need to post authentic content. TikTok is the perfect platform to create unique and engaging content, so don’t be afraid to publish new creative videos. Posting compelling content will increase TikTok video views and make your followers connect with your brands. 

Research says unique TikTok videos can go viral even if you have zero followers. So creating original and entertaining content will increase followers on TikTok and enhance your brand reach. You may create any kind of content on TikTok, but that should match your product or services. 


TikTok is a huge platform with top trending videos. If you want to create a successful marketing strategy on TikTok, you need to hop on trends. Instead of spending more time on creating your own video, you can recreate trending videos on TikTok to boost your video engagement rate. If your aim is to expand your business reach on TikTok, then create trendy videos to attract your target audience on the platform. 


#2. Use Trending Hashtags In Your TikTok Videos


If you are trying to get noticed on TikTok, you need to have an excellent hashtag strategy. The hashtag has the potential to increase your brand visibility and reach. Also, it helps you to identify your competitors and potential customers. Additionally, you can use hashtags to find different content ideas that other people use in your industry. 


The hashtag helps users to find, share and join conversations that they are interested in. Using the right hashtag in your TikTok video helps you to find your target audience on the platform. As a business, you need to add a branded hashtag in your videos to expand your reach. 


To search for the best hashtag, use the discover page to find the top trending hashtag for your brands. The hashtag you used in your video should depend on your brand or business goals. You may also use general hashtags, but a branded hashtag is the best option to drive more traffic and engagement for the business. 


Additionally, you can analyze your competitor to find relevant hashtags that they are using to make their video popular on TikTok. Use a hashtag generator tool to find the related hashtag for your brands or services to get better business results. Create a branded hashtag challenge and boost your audience to participate in challenges to increase your brand exposure. 


#3. Post Content Frequently 


If you want to become a successful marketer on TikTok, then you need to share videos frequently. Create high-quality videos and post them regularly to increase your video engagement rate. As a marketer, you should post videos more often to keep your followers’ minds fresh about your brands or services. 


First, analyze your audience and share different content ideas to find which content they are interested in. After finding this, post compelling content that resonates with your audience. If you use a TikTok pro account, check the analytics to find your audience’s most active time. 


Posting a video at peak time helps you to get instant likes and views for your TikTok videos. Additionally, it makes your audience check out your website to learn more about your business. As a business, you need to post 3 to 5 times per day to increase your business presence on TikTok. 


The influencer marketing hub analyzed more than 100K posts and found the best time to post on TikTok to boost your engagement rate. 


  • Monday: 6 AM, 10 AM, 8 PM
  • Tuesday : 3 AM, 5 AM, 10 AM
  • Wednesday: 6 AM, 8 AM, 10 PM
  • Thursday: 8 AM, 12 PM, 8 PM
  • Friday: 6 AM, 1 PM, 2 PM
  • Saturday: 12 AM, 7 PM, 9 PM 
  • Sunday: 6 AM, 8 AM, 5 PM 


Use this time to post your videos on TikTok. But I recommend you analyze your audience’s active time and fix that time as your posting time.


#4. Collaborate With TikTok Influencers 


In any social media platform, influencer marketing is the perfect way to increase your brand awareness and earn money on TikTok. Many small businesses approach influencers to promote their brand on TikTok. If a brand wants to increase its exposure and reach on TikTok, it can team up with influencers. 


The influencers create quality content about your brands to drive more traffic to your TikTok account. You have seen many influencers talking about a specific product in their TikTok video, and then it is the paid promotion. Brand promotion is a fantastic way to reach your target audience to get more sales through TikTok. 


Make sure to select a perfect influencer for your brands because their followers are your target audience. Choosing an influencer in your industry will make a perfect collaboration to promote your brand. Once you find the right influencer, team up with them and leave your profile in their control for some time. Your influencer creates engaging videos about your brands to improve your business reach on TikTok. 


Influencers always create quality and unique ideas to get more sponsorship. So collaborating with influencers is the easiest way to increase your brand awareness to a wider audience. 


#5. A Quick Work On TikTok Ads


TikTok offers several new features for brands and businesses to promote themself among a massive audience. Recently TikTok introduced an advertising feature that allows brands to connect with their target audience on the platform. 


Advertising features on TikTok have the potential to connect with a wider audience. As a business, you need to pay for TikTok advertising to promote your brand on the platform. TikTok ads are an excellent way to boost your brand awareness and to lead more sales for your business. TikTok offers five different types of advertising formats that are: 


InFeed Native Ads :

These ads are similar to Instagram, and Snapchat ads, which appear in user feeds once they open the application. It allows users to click the website link or to download an app. 


Brand Takeover:

There are full-screen ads that pop up when a user opens a TikTok app. One brand in each category can use these ads each day. 


Hashtag challenge:

This allows you to post a hashtag challenge to boost your engagement. 


Branded Lenses:

These ads allow you to add AR effects and lenses for faces and photos. It helps you to grab your user’s attention towards your brand. 


TopView Ads:

These ads are vertical videos that appear for 15 seconds, and it allows you to add a CTA that directs your user to your target page. 


#6. Encourage User-Generated Content 


Uploading User-generated content is a successful way to boost your brand awareness on TikTok. Promoting your brand on TikTok is the most effective way to reach your target audience. Posting UGC will surprise you with a higher engagement rate for your brand. 


Your audience plays a significant role in boosting engagement for your business with UGC. Create a branded hashtag for your business and encourage your audience to share a short video about your products or services. 


Additionally, posting UGC will drive more traffic to your website, boost sales and increase your engagement rate. Uploading UGC gains more popularity among global audiences. Without spending money, your brand awareness rises with higher sales. 


#7. Utilize The TikTok Live Feature

TikTok has an engaging live option that allows you to show your brand visually to your potential audience. But to use this live feature, you need to have more than 1000 followers in your account. Follow the above tips to boost your followers to go live with TikTok to expand your exposure. 


Additionally, on TikTok, you can offer gifts to your favorite content creators. Also, the live feature allows the creator to respond to their comments instantly. You can add attractive titles for your live feature to gather a massive audience. TikTok notifies your audience when you go live. 


#8. Be The First To Reply Comments 


One of the successful tips to increase your engagement rate on TikTok is commenting on others’ posts. Always be the first person to comment on your followers or your niche post because commenting will increase your brand visibility and attract a new audience to your TikTok profile. 


Many successful brands on TikTok follow this method to attract audience attention. Usually, top brands leave comments to their competitor’s content and respond to their reply to gain the attention of their followers.


Do you know? Many people only read the first five comments to know about the brands. So use this opportunity to leave a great comment and boost the audience to check your TikTok profile. 


#9. Cross-Promote Your TikTok content 


Promoting your TikTok video on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube is a fantastic way to drive more traffic to your site and increase your brand awareness. Posting your video on another platform will improve your video likes and views; additionally, it helps you get a massive audience to your TikTok profile. 


When you are active on all social media platforms regularly, it creates trust in your brand among your audience. Know the latest social media trends and update your profile to gain more popularity on TikTok. 


While cross-promoting your TikTok video on other social media channels, make sure to add a relevant call to action button. With this, you can get more traffic and new followers to your TikTok profile. Regularly sharing your video on another social channel will increase your TikTok video engagement organically. 


#10. Keep An Eye On Your TikTok Analytics 


If you want to get better success on TikTok?. Then you need to keep a close eye on TikTok analytics. Track your analytics regularly to create a successful TikTok marketing strategy. To check your analytics, you need to have a pro account. Follow these steps to switch pro accounts on TikTok. 


Step 1: Go to your TikTok account. 

Step 2: Hit “Manage my account” 

Step 3: Tap “Switch to Pro Account” 


After this, you will be asked to select a category to get customized analytics. Additionally, you can see your post-performance over the last 7 and 28 days. 


In the Overview tab, you can track the following 


  • No of TikTok video views
  • No of followers
  • No of profile views


The Content tab provides you a picture of each video performance rate.


  • The number of likes
  • Number of views
  • No of shares
  • No of comments 
  • Video total playtimes
  • Audience territories
  • Video watch time and traffic source types


In the follower’s tab, you can able to understand your follower’s activity 


  • Number of new followers you received 
  • Number of followers left 
  • Followers most liked videos


So always have good practice to check your analytics to improve your TikTok content strategy and boost your brand reach and sales conversions. 


Final Words 

TikTok offers plenty of opportunities for brands, influencers, and content creators to connect with a large user base. It is the perfect place to create successful marketing strategies and to build brand awareness. 


Use TikTok to grow a loyal following and get more engagement for your TikTok videos. Follow the above ten interesting tips to promote your brand to a massive audience and get more sales through TikTok. 


Author Bio: 

Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at Bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoy the opportunity to work with social media influencers. Start following her on Twitter.com.

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