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10 Stylish Halloween Costumes

Hocus Pocus, it is time to focus on 31st October because witches and ghosts make merry on this last day of the month. Finally! It is our all favorite Halloween month but wait! Have you decided what to wear this Halloween night? Halloween without a costume is like life without oxygen. Isn’t it? How about trying out some stylish costumes instead of the regular ones?

Here is a list of top 10 stylish costumes which you can try out for the 2019 Halloween party. Check them out:


  • Pirate Costume



Dress up like a sexy and stylish pirate. All you need is a loose white shirt tucked into a pair of skinny black leather leggings or pants with ripped patches. Girls can even try out tight black shorts.  Give your whole pirate attire a sexy look with faded and worn-out clothes. Go for pointy black or brown boots. You can get a headband and a corset belt to complete the look.

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  • Mime Costume



Replace the regular and boring black and white t-shirt with a sexy off-shoulder top. Pair it up with a black pant or short frilled skirt along with black boots. Complete the look with a beret hat, neck scarf, suspenders and make-up. You will be all set to rock with this hot mime costume.



  • Hello Kitty Costume


Hello Kitty costume is one of the most loved costumes of both adults and little girls. All you need is a cat ear headgear with a little red bow attached to it. Put on a cute little red skirt paired with a white crop top and over it get a red noodle strapped shrug of the same size. Wear a pair of thigh high white socks along with white heels or sneakers. Carry a red kitty lunch bag and there you go; you are a cute and stylish kitty.



  • Scarecrow Costume



For a stylish scarecrow look first you need a straw hat. Then for the rest of the costume you will need a plaid shirt, straws, faux flowers and leaves, a bandana and a pair of blue jeans. Put them all and you will be ready for the Halloween looking like a sexy scarecrow.



  • Bat Evil Vampire Halloween Costume



Get yourself a cool and sexy bat zipper all in jet black color from any online fashion store. Pair it up with black hot pants and along with thigh high black boots that have black fur or feathers near the buckle area. To complete the look, wear a bat ear headband and for makeup use black or red lipstick and smoky eyes. You will definitely be the eye candy of the whole party with this stylish look of an evil bat.



  • Flapper Costume



Flapper costumes are one of the best ways to be stylish and evil at the same time. For this look, you will need a fringe dress which should be short in length, a feather headband, black fisher tights, and long gloves. Be sure to accessorize the look with an artificial diamond choker, a ring and a pair of earrings.



  • Vintage Queen Halloween Costume



Who would not get impressed with the queen costume? Dress up like the vintage queen and DIY look with these ideas. Get a long floor length plain golden gown on top of it and add floor length and bell bottomed full sleeves and a red velvet overcoat. Make sure to use satin laces of red or maroon color nears the end of the sleeves. Complete the look with a dazzling crown and loud make-up and you are done.



  • Unicorn Costume



Look cute and stylish in a unicorn costume. This is an easy DIY costume. Allyou need is horn headband; side slit pencil skirt, same colored bralette, a fluffy pastel colored jacked and pencil heels. You can also add a metallic purse to complete the look.



  • Galaxy Girl Costume



Get ready like a galaxy girl. All you need is metallic clothing especially, in the silver color. A silvered color jacket on top of a sexy bralette or just a metallic colored jumpsuit will do wonders with the look. Pair the jacket with a skirt. Wear sexy metallic boots, add a sparkling choker, thigh high socks with sparkles, two sided buns and do not forget to use shimmery make-up to compliment this look.



  • Wild Cat Costume


The most favorite of all time is the wild cat costume. You will need a deep V-neck cheetah or leopard printed long side slit dress with matching furry ear headbands, black choker, and black boots. Complete the look with smoky eyes and black lipstick. 

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“Ghosts and goblins, spooks galore, 

Scary witches at your door, 

Jack-o’-Lanterns smiling bright, 

Wishing you a haunting night.” 


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