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12 TikTok Advertising Techniques That Helps To Promote Your Brand

TikTok is an unbelievable modern kind in the social media world. With 800 million+ users, its popularity and growth increase every day. Most celebrities and advertisers now start to use this platform to enhance their fame to large people. 


Do you know TikTok has a variety of ads? 

Yes! TikTok recently announced its great advertising features for every user to reach their target audiences very shortly. Advertising is an amazing technique that most brands and businesses use to showcase their brand, products, and services to massive audiences. 


However, for every social media platform, advertising is a paid method that gives an effective outcome for your brand. TikTok advertising is not free, but you can create a free Tiktok business account and set up your TikTok ads with a certain budget. 


If you want to run your business among millions of audiences, TikTok advertising is your best option to achieve more success. 


In this article, I’ll give you 12 TikTok advertising techniques that help to promote your brand among engaged audiences. 


Let’s get detailed!

1. Types Of TikTok Ads  

TikTok offers you five different advertising options, they are:


  • Infeed Ads – These ads are videos ads that appear in between the news feed of the TikTok For You page. With TikTok infeed ads, users can like, comment, and share your advertising videos. 
  • Brand Takeover Ads – Brand takeover ads appear immediately once the user enters the app. And, it took over the TikTok screen for a few seconds. It is more effective for creating mass brand awareness and driving sales. 
  • Top View Ads – It is similar to brand takeover ads, but the difference is it does not cover the screen when the user signs in. Using this app, you can create up to 60 seconds long & full-screen video with auto-play sound effects. 
  • Branded Hashtag Ads – It is another popular advertising format on TikTok, and it encourages user engagement and builds brand awareness. Hashtag ads inspire audiences and ask them to create videos of themselves by using your products and upload them with defined hashtags. 
  • Branded Effect – TikTok branded effects allow users to create ads by using their own filters/effects on the app. It is one of the fun and engaging ways to promote your products to target customers. 

How To Run Ads On TikTok? 

If you decide to advertise your brand on TikTok, you can use the following best ways to achieve your goals. 

2. Create TikTok Ad Account


Once you start advertising on TikTok, you need a TikTok ad account to get your brand to the most active people. Here are the simple steps to create a TikTok ad account, 


  • Go to TikTok ads home page
  • Click create an ad button
  • Here, TikTok ask some basic details about you
  • Once you fill in all the details, your ads account will activate after 48 hours. 


3. Make A Advertising Campaign 


Step 1:  Campaign level is the first step to promote your brand on TikTok. 

Step 2: Log in to your TikTok ads manager and tap the campaign tab. 

Step 3: Click the create option. 

Step 4: Now, you need to define your campaign’s adjective, which is an important part of your campaign’s reach and success.

Step 5: Here, you can see three categories such as, 

  • Awareness – Reach
  • Consideration – traffic, app installs, video views
  • Conversion – conversions


Create Your Ad Group


In the campaign tab, you can see the ad group option next to create. Here, you need to specify your ad placement, audiences, target audiences, budget, goals, schedule for your advertising group. 

4. Select Ad Placements 


With the ad placement options, you can decide where your ad will appear on TikTok. Under the ad placement option, you can see two options such as, 


  1. Automatic placement – When choosing this option, TikTok will appear in your ad based on the algorithm. 
  2. Select placement – When you move on to this option, you can exactly choose where your ads will appear. It means your ads not only appear on TikTok, but you can also show your ads in different apps like Vigo, hello, Pangle, Buzz, and more. 

5. Choose Creative Type


An automated creative function will help you to automatically generate your ads combinations such as videos, images, and ad texts. 

6. Targeting Audiences


Here, you can choose your target audiences based on their demographic and device options. It includes age, gender, location, interest, language, behavior, and more. 

7. Set Budget And schedule 


In the budget and schedule option, you can update the budget for your ad. And set the start and end times of your ads. For example, you can choose the range of dates to show your ad or continuously run it for a long period you want. 


8. Create TikTok Ad 


After completing the above essential steps, you can start creating your ads on TikTok. Ad creation on TikTok is a simple and easy process. First, you need to upload the image or video you want to display. Then, you can design eye-catching ads by using the TikTok ads manager. 


Here are the simple steps to create your ad: 


  1. Enter the ad name, which helps users to identify your ads quickly. 
  2. Choose the ad format you like to create that is image or video. But, currently, we can only create TikTok video ads. 
  3. Next, you may add your ad details. Here, you can upload ads directly from your desktop, or you can use a video template to create new videos. 
  4. Once you upload the video, you can see the text and link option to add a display name, profile image, text, call to action, and your website URL to drive traffic and get better results. 
  5. When you complete all these processes, you can preview your ad and click the submit button to show your ad on TikTok. 


Suppose you want to get more engagement with your videos, such as TikTok video likes, views, comments, and shares. In that case, you can take advantage of TikTok infeed ads, and it is the best option to reach your brand to wider audiences. 

9. Optimize Your TikTok Ad


After successfully promoting your ad on TikTok, it’s time to optimize your ad more attractively and get the best results. Here are few interesting tips for doing this, 


  • Choose high-resolution videos or images that are better than the normal videos.
  • Add a very specific and most engaging CTA for your ad.
  • Become smart with your ad copy because you have limited space. So you may write up to 80 characters that are relevant and catchy. 
  • Add the most trending hashtags to increase your ad’s reach and brand popularity. 


Advantage Of Using TikTok Ads


10. Gain a Vast Audience To Your Business 


There is no secret that most of the content creators on TikTok are Gen Z’s and youngsters. According to the data, more than 59% of TikTok users are aged between 16 to 24 years. So, you can get the amazing opportunity to reach a countless number audiences through TikTok advertising. 

11. Build Brand Exposure


On TikTok, influencers aren’t the only ones to make and drive trends. Each and everyone has the chance to become viral on the TikTok For You page. Moreover, making video ads is one big opportunity to enhance your brand exposure, relevancy and show your content to someone else feed. 

12. Show Your Products Authentically 


TikTok advertising is authenticity-driven, so businesses can easily display their products and services to new and new audiences. If you have effective content with a strong message, you can maximize brand awareness, get valuable customers and increase lots of engagement. 

Conclusion: TikTok Advertising


TikTok is becoming a popular advertising platform for every marketer because of the high engagement rate. Based on the study, 90% of TikTok users spend an average of 52 minutes per day on TikTok. 


Therefore, TikTok is the best place to reach your audiences in different locations and boost your brand reach within a short time! 


Author Bio: 


Alison Williams is a social media content writer who works at Flatfitty. She is an experienced social media analyst. Her passion is to contribute to engaging content for authority blogs and websites. You can also visit her online at Twitter.com!

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