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G-string style panties can never go out of trend. The style is extremely sensuous and sexy. You can tease your partner with G-string style panties or simply flaunt your curvy body. Do you have a collection of women comfortable G-string for every occasion? Well, you need to have some cool styles for your sexy and flare dresses. Listed is a fabulous G-string collection for you, read on.

Sheer G-string

This low-rise G-string wins in sheer style. It features a low-rise fit with elastic trim that provides full support. It features triangle detail at the back and center. This panty style is light in weight and its feel is smooth. It’s made from soire fabric that makes it soft and intricate.

You can flaunt this G-string style on any occasion. It snugs your body like no other style so you can also wear this panty on formal occasions. Its available in two different colors so you can take your pick. Do include this sheer G-string style in your collection.

Strappie G-string

Strappie G-string is perfect for your sexy dresses. It helps to emphasize your curves making your appearance look sexy. It features a semi-sheer lace front panel that provides full comfort. It also features a soft elastic waistband with a scalloped edge for extra support.

It features cotton-lined gusset with minimum coverage. The panty style is light in weight so you can feel at ease. The panty features decorative straps that give it an extra edge. The Strappie style complements every body type. Many colors are available in this style, so you can take your pick.

Dots G-string

If you like a different G-string style, then this can be an apt choice for you. Its sexy style will make you look cool. It features a lace G-string that makes it look trendy. The panty style features cotton-lined gusset with a unique design.

The low rider design is perfect for your casual style dress or any formal occasion. There is no rear coverage but it is great on comfort. The dot design makes it look sweet; it’s a perfect choice to seduce your partner as well. A single size mostly fits any body shape, so that is an advantage.

Trenta G-string

Trenta is one women comfortable G-string for every occasion. It complements your every look and dress style. It features elastic lace band with a front floral lace pattern. It features seamless crotch for ultimate comfort.

The low rider design provides complete ease and fit. It also features lined gusset with soft fabric for a great feel. The single back seam provides a great detailing to this panty style. It’s perfect for a formal occasion as it goes well with your party dresses.

Velvet G-string

It has a very relaxed design so it is perfect for flare dresses. It features cotton-lined gusset with black elastic trim. It has no rear coverage but it fits any body size perfectly. You can pair this up with a sexy bralette to complete your look. Its available in a single size and color.

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