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Halloween is probably the most awaited occasion of the year. And what’s not to love about it? Spooky lights, funky costumes, unconventional makeovers! Even the biggest scaredy-cats look forward to this time of festive merriment.

Oh, and it’s not just for kids! Every grown-up has the privilege of being able to dress up however they want, and become entirely someone else. Throw away the tiresome attachments of work and life, and just live in the moment – that too, as anyone else!

With marvelous developments left, right and center, costumes, paint jobs as well as colour contacts Halloween; every aspect of one’s performance can be completely changed.

For the little girls who vie to be Cinderella, this is the day!

For the teenagers wanting to become the sultry vampire – yes, this is the day!

For the parent wanting to escape reality and responsibility and just have fun, eat candy all day – well, here is the perfect time!

The Spirit of Halloween

There’s a wonderfully catchy song by Bobby “Boris” Pickett, that brilliantly encapsulates the spirit of Halloween:

“I was working in the lab late one night

When my eyes beheld an eerie sight

For my monster from his slab began to rise

And suddenly to my surprise

He did the mash!

He did the monster mash!


Fun Ideas to create when choosing Eye Contacts

Anyone who has ever dressed up for Halloween knows that the devil is in the details!

Every little thing counts. Those bunny ears should be just the right amount of floppy, the devil ears must stand up to attention. Since every small aspect contributes to the overall effect you are trying to convey, it is important that adequate attention be paid to the most miniscule of details.

Enter: colored contacts Halloween which truly help you in changing your persona. With eyes a different color, the mystique of your costume is considerably enhanced! Not only this, the costumes too become infinitely spooky!

So here are some fun ideas you should checkout if you are planning to wear eye contacts this year.

  • The Spooky-Eyed Witch!

The witch costume is attracts many kids. It is also easy for parents to pull together and is a fun outlook just the same! Swirly, sparkly skirts, pointed hats and a broomstick too. What fun!

For adults though a more realistic portrayal of witches and wizards would be incomplete without seriously freaky eyes. Contact lenses with vivid colors such as a bright blue or green would be a great addition to this particular costume.

  • Anime Characters

Anime characters are a big hit with a large part of youth nowadays. There’s a myriad of characters you can dress up as if you decide to choose this particular genre. Not only that, there is little chance someone else would be dressed just like you – anime is a vast world!

So for anime characters, perhaps the biggest challenge is finding the correct eye look. All anime characters have this split retina thing going on where half is one color and half completely another.

To pull your outfit together, there are extremely creative contacts with just this look! Go for blind whites, bright reds and yellows for the ideal looks.

  • Cat Woman – Or just a plain black cat is spooky too!

Cat woman has been a favorite among the general population for the longest time. For women, this is great fun with fitted black costumes and that long cheeky tail flipping back and forth.

To make your cat costume even more realistic, there are lenses available with that perfect slit look of the actual cat eye!

  • Vampire

Can you recall a single Halloween where a vampire wasn’t seen roaming the streets? Nope! Never.

This look too is comparatively easy to achieve. All you really need are fangs and white face paint to make yourself really pale looking.
This can also be achieved with a very light foundation shade. Dribble some fake blood down your chin and neck and dab on black or red colored contacts and you’re ready to go!

  • Devil

The devil is believed to be the personification of evil in many religions and cultures around the world. The folk tales depict the devil as having red horns and red eyes often in a completely red or black outfit. Red lenses here are definitely needed to complete the look!

  • Zombie

Let’s up the scare factor shall we? Zombies are the walking dead obviously hailing from old tales and horror movies; they are usually seen as dead rising from the graves with blank, horrifying stares and disjointed limbs.

These cringe-worthy impressions can be emulated quite accurately with white lenses, lots of fake blood and grey body paint!




  • Creepy Doll

The creepy doll is by far the most difficult costume to pull together realistically. You can attach the stiches and the lopsided grin is just a matter of smudged lipstick. But what to do about the blank staring black eyes?

Blackcolored contacts Halloween are the solution. They give the appearance of the entire eye being black and is quite a scare for even the strongest of heart.

  • Pikachu

Not every Halloween costume needs to be scary. Here and there, a dose of cuteness is also a sight for sore eyes, and what could be cuter than a squishy, mushy Pikachu?
Black colored contacts or even dark brown ones would really enhance an impersonation of Pikachu’s wide, innocent eyes and would definitely be a crowd pleaser.


Halloween is all about fun! There is no one way to do it. Don’t be fooled into thinking scary costumes are the only way to go. Anything from horrifying vampires to beautiful ballerinas is welcome. It is indeed a magical time where you can live your dreams – quite literally! For this time you can be anyone you want.

Aggie Cromwell quite accurately wrote, “ Magic is really very simply, all you’ve got to do is want something and then let yourself have it!” So, get working on your costumes and let yourself have it!


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