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Old age is not rosy period – it’s rather characterized by the weakening of physicality. It’s when even the fittest and strongest of men start to get griped by one health problem or another. And with advancing ages, teeth and gums too lose their potency, their natural colour and all that we associate with young ages. Oral care is also never easy for old people which eventually leads to tooth loss, gum diseases and other similar problems. Such people are prone to poor oral care practices resulting in bad overall oral health. That’s why it becomes important for old people to know the oral issues and then seek treatment for them at a top dental clinic Delhi.

Here are some of common oral health problems in old age and their timely prevention or care –      

1. Gum Disease – Gum disease in old age is quite common resulting from a build up of plaque on the teeth and gums. This makes the gum tissues around teeth gets infected causing gingivitis – the early stage of gum disease characterized by bleeding, tender and swollen gums. Poor oral care combined with bad dietary choices can cause this problem, but seniors should not worry and seek medical care to treat this reversible problem.

2. Sensitive Teeth – Sensitive teeth is among the common dental health issues in old age which happens due to persistent gum disease, cavities and erosion of the enamel. When teeth turn sensitive, there will be pain or sensation with either hot or cold foods and drinks. The pain may be mild or severe in nature and if timely treatment is not sought, the problem can aggravate further to cause more harm. Seniors can use a desensitizing toothpaste, use fluoride and do proper brushing to reduce sensitivity to their teeth.

3. Dry Mouth – Dry mouth is also a common oral health issues that plaque seniors in advancing ages. It strikes when there is lack of saliva in the mouth. Not staying adequately hydrated may also lead to dry mouth. Use of tobacco, smoking, wine, soda etc. can also leave old people with dry mouth problem. Old people can consult the dentist and know how to prevent dry mouth and minimize risk of tooth decay and tooth loss.

4. Yellowish teeth – Teeth will lose their lustre and shine with age. Only those with proper oral care can sustain the whitening and brightening glow of their teeth. Old people can brush twice a day, floss regularly, clean their tongue if they are concerned about oral issues. They should consult the dentist regularly so that any potential problem is spotted early, and their timely treatment is started.  

5 – Eat well and lead a good lifestyle – Old age is not meant to spend visiting any top dentist in Delhi; it’s rather to sit relaxed and enjoy. So, seniors should avoid sugary items, stay away from foods with acidic content like tea, coffee, wine, and quit smoking or tobacco forever. They must drink lots of water daily to maintain a better oral health.

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