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Just change some habits to enjoy a healthy and full life. Some simple changes in diet, sleep improvements, physical activities and emotion control can cause a significant improvement in your health. To have a healthy life, eating nutritious foods and maintaining a regular workout routine should be the main part of your list of tips that you should follow. But there are also other habits, which you can start practicing, which will make a lot of difference in your life.

Tips for Healthier Living

1 – Take care of your bod

Prevention and early detection of diseases are the two basic pillars to maintain health. In relation to early detection, periodic examinations are essential: urologic examinations for prostate and gynecological for breast and cervical cancer, colonoscopy for the colon, cardiovascular exams, etc.

Consult a doctor regularly! Annual checkups can detect health problems before they become serious. In addition, keep vaccination of children in a day. It is also important to be aware of safety standards such as the use of belts in cars, comfort babies and helmets.

2 – Maintain a healthy diet

The higher the percentage of healthy foods you include in your diet, the better your health will be. We should always give preference to light and healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits and cereals, and prevent food harmful to health, such as fried foods, fats and sweets. We must also limit the consumption of sugar and salt.

3 – Daily physical exercise

One of the fundamental pillars for a healthy life. Here the main is to choose a sport that motivates you to be able to do it daily. About 30 minutes of daily physical activity represent a tremendous boost to your health. And if one day you don’t have time, do at least 15 minutes of running or exercising at home.

4 – Drinking lots of water

Drinking a lot of water helps us to have a good digestion, to cleanse our body and keep us hydrated. We should always give preference to water when we feel thirsty all day, but avoid taking it during meals because it may hinder digestion.

5 – Reduce stress in your life

This is one of the most neglected aspects that are often not taken into account as we seek to have a healthy life. Try to minimize your stresslevel, which usually occurs mainly at work. Much stress leads to chronic fatigue, insomnia and even heart problems.

6 – Sleep Well

Sleep is necessary for our body to rest, regain its energies and release tensions. We have to try to sleep well, but not much, as this can also be harmful to our health. It is advisable to sleep between 7 to 8 hours per night.

7 – Avoid alcohol

Alcohol affects our nervous system, can cause liver problems and cardiovascular diseases, and is also a major cause for car accidents. We must avoid alcohol consumption, or at least limit their consumption. Always remember to maintain moderation.

8 – Do Not Smoke

Smoking causes fatigue, affects our nervous system, can cause us respiratory and cardiovascular diseases and cancer, besides being also harmful to the health of the people who surround us. In the case of smoking, the simple act of quitting smoking can do more for our health than any other measure we can take.

9 – Keep a healthy weight

Overweight or obesity is closely related to various health risk factors, such as hypertension, cholesterol and heart problems, cancer and diabetes. If your body mass index is greater than 25, you should start worrying, but if you are over 30, you are exposed to a significant risk of cardiovascular problems and should lose weight as quickly as possible.

10 – Balance work with rest

The excess of work exhausts us, causes stress and blocks our creativity. We have to learn to balance work with rest, to be free of worries, relieve stress, cleanse our minds, and return refreshed to work.


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