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Push- ups are very beneficial exercise for building strength. and it can be done from any where without using any equipment. you will notice gains in upper body if you regularly do push ups . our body always works according to our  brain function .if you regularly do workout then our body will adapt those activity very fast .

Doing exercise is good but if you know the right technique then it will show you the better results.if you are not able to do simple straight push-ups then modify your exercise do it with your bent knees or against the wall . if you mastering 100 push ups a day  then you will get immense strength in core stability, chest , back ,shoulder and back.



How to do proper Push ups :

Face the floor in plank condition and setting up with your hands directly under your shoulders, engaging the core, then squeezing the glutes as though you are tucking your tailbone underneath you. With your fingers spread wide, focus on the feeling of your lats (the back sides of the body) engaging. Tuck your chin in, then slowly lower yourself to the floor, keeping your body in one flat line, then push back up.

once you know the procedure then you can increase  intensity in your workout by laying some objects or light wight plates on your back as this will give you extra edge or muscle grow through push ups repetitions.

The Perfect Push-Up Technique

  • Core – Think of drawing your belly button in towards your spine and squeezing your butt tight, this effectively braces your core
  • Elbows – Your elbows should be tucked in close to the body. Flaring them out puts awkward pressure on the shoulder joint and doesn’t effectively engaging the chest muscles
  • Tempo – Don’t rush the movement. Go slow and controlled on the way down and explosive on the way up to really feel the muscles working
  • Depth – Go all the way down, not half reps. Using a full range of motion will always give better results
  • Hand Position – Go too wide, and you’ll likely flare, go too narrow, and you’ll be doing a triceps push-up variation instead. Keep your hands just outside shoulder width.

Benefits of 100 Push ups

Push ups are the best body weight exercise . Its the best exercise which you can do anywhere without weights. start your first push ups with 10 reps and slowly increase your frequency to 20 the 30 and so on….slowly slowly your muscles will feel the intense pressure and will adapt the changes in your muscle growth. As there are 100 push up variations and each with their own unique challenges. every push up variation is perfect depending on your target muscle groups you want to work.

Doing 100 Push ups -a day will make you more healthy, stronger, leaner, and if you keep nutrition right you should see muscle gains. a simple guy can do 20 to 30 push ups a day without taking rest and slowly increase your reps to target 100 push ups. but for an athlete who can perform 100 push ups a day is quite easy if he/ she doing same reps a day will stick there performance so they have to reach more target 120-150 reps a day to increase their body performance .

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