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With winter just around the corner, getting the essentials is…essential! Whether your winter gear is a little worn out or you’re looking for something to refresh your look, Closet Candy Boutique has the boutique outerwear to keep you on-trend and fashionable through any weather. From California’s lack of winter to Georgia’s mild snows, we’ll keep you cozy in boutique jackets, cardigans, vests, and so much more! Read on to discover our favorite pieces for any kind of winter weather!


Best Winter Jackets for Women


A good winter jacket is something you should definitely splurge on. It’s the piece that will get the most wear and tear throughout the season. Choose something versatile that works for all your outfits to get the most out of it! Women’s casual jackets should be able to hold up anywhere—whether you’re at work, at school, or anywhere in between!


Our winter coats include some punky choices, like camo boutique jackets, as well as comfortable styles featuring thick cardigans and knit sweaters. Explore our favorite looks to find the perfect boutique outerwear to add to your closet!


Cute Vests for Winter


Layering is one of everyone’s favorite ways to stay warm during winter. While many people know all about mixing and matching boutique jackets, sweaters, and cardigans, some forget about vests. Vests are perfect for layering because they are super versatile, can be worn indoors and out, and are totally trendy! We carry a number of different styles and materials, including asymmetrical cuts, shearling fur, sheer plaid, puffy designs, and even military chic! 


The Most Stylish Ponchos


When most ladies think ponchos, they get flashbacks of oversized, plastic pieces worn for rainy days that are just waiting to be thrown out. At Closet Candy Boutique, we’re taking that idea of a poncho and completely turning it around! Our ponchos are still oversized, but they’re made with cozy, comfortable materials that you won’t be able to resist. When you choose a poncho from our collection, you’ll get a piece that’s super fashionable and so comfortable it’s almost like wearing a personal blanket all the time! Check out our variety of patterns and styles now!


Loco for Moto Jackets


Moto jackets aren’t just for motorcycles anymore—they’re for all the fashion lovers who adore cropped leather boutique jackets. While you’ll always find the classic black moto in our collection, you’ll also get a chance to try faux suede looks and fun embellishments. Discover jackets with buckles for days, asymmetrical zippers galore, or even elegant fringe additions! Moto jackets are some of the best winter jackets for women because they are the epitome of fashionable outerwear that will always keep you warm on mild winter days!


Our moto jackets are among our top sellers, so if you see a piece you love, it’s best to add it to your cart now. It may not be there for long if you don’t check out right away!


Top Activewear Jackets


Wearing a ton of layers when you head for work out can be extremely annoying. Half of the time, your boutique outerwear won’t even fit in your gym bag or locker! Closet Candy Boutique can solve this dilemma with our athletic jackets. They add a layer to your outfit that doesn’t need to be taken off during your workout and will keep you cozy outdoors. Made of premium moisture-wicking materials, our athletic looks will keep you looking stylish in and out of the gym!


Don’t forget to pair your workout top with matching leggings and activewear shirts as well!


Other Outerwear


While quality boutique jackets are crucial during winters across America, it’s important not to forget your other outerwear options. Good socks and shoes can make or break you as you’re tromping through snow, mud, and rain out on the streets. You should always be prepared for flooding in rainy areas, while snowbound regions should know better than to go out without some super thick socks!


If you’re tired of wearing bulky boots, Closet Candy Boutique has the options you’ve been craving. Find warm, watertight booties and boots that are the opposite of the lumpy, bulky styles we wore when we were kids.


Winter Splurgers Beware!


Some people think that every aspect of their boutique outerwear needs to be top-quality—but that’s not necessarily true! You can find premium gloves, scarves, hats, and more without splurging on alpaca fleece or real leather. Many tri-blend knits and synthetic wools give you the same results as these high-end materials and often provide more versatility (and less animal cruelty).


You can also skip out on the snow pants and long johns unless you’re planning a week of snowboarding or skiing in the mountains. Even if you have a long walk to work, you’ll feel much chicer in a pair of thick leggings or tailored pants that match your boutique jacket. Just avoid sportswear leggings when you’re heading out, as these are aerated and moisture-wicking, which let in the winter chill instead of keeping it out!


Shopping with Us


When you choose boutique jackets and outerwear from us, you’re getting the best winter jackets for women anywhere! So whether you’re splurging or saving on winter wear, make sure Closet Candy Boutique is your first stop this year!

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