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Workout is the best way to make our body fit and get rid of any kind of pain like lower back pain

The best way to get rid of any body pain is Stretching . Stretch your lower back with safety and care. Be especially gentle and cautious if you have any type of injury or health concern. while performing any new activity always take advice from your trainer and then get started with new activities like swimming, Running, Aerobics , Yoga etc.

Back pain can happens to anyone and what we have to do is to analyse the root cause and cut it off like improve body mechanics such as bad posture or lifting heavy objects with correct techniques etc. everyone should take care of the back muscles and always try to take advise from his /her family doctor, trainer or therapist who will give you specific advice and training for back pain exercises.

According to research  If any one suffers from back pain and he /she start doing regular exercise including basic stretching ,strength training etc. are more likely to have less pain and get active again. So , in this video i came up with solution for all those friends who are not willing to go for gym or who don’t have time for simple workouts . through this video i will tell you some 5 basic techniques which you can perform any where and anytime without investing much on expensive machines or gym memberships . all you need is to invest 10-15 minutes time daily in these kind of activities .



1. Cat stretch : its a basic technique just press your hands on floor and allowing your belly to fill with air exhale and then inhale like cat doing a stretch , tucking your chin into your chest and arching your spine towards the ceiling. repeat this activity
time : 1-2 Minutes

2. Hamstring stretch : lie down on floor with 1 feet at 90 degree facing towards wall and then hold that leg with support of towel grabbing with both hands try to stretch for maximum time to feel the tension at your hamstring muscles

3. Supermans: this kind of stretch basically helps to activate the upper back muscles and get you rid from upper back pain relief. grab the towel with both hands and lie down on your back extend your hands straight in front of your forehead and try to lift your chest with both hands in air to feel pressure at upper back muscles

4. L sit hold with towel : creates better core and back stability while doing this activity for long time .always prefer this kind of activity for longer time frame to create proper muscle stability

5. Dog bird pose : get you relief from back pain as this activity will target perfectly at your back muscles as you can see in my video

6.Bow pose : perfect pose to completely stretch all your muscles from back while holding both legs behind your back with both hands .these activities are really helpful if if can do these activities daily

In nut shell for any kind of body pain like back pain always prefer stretching as regular stretching is a great way to create and keep flexibility, relieve tension and help build strength.


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