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Lets do ultimate 10 minutes abs workout at home for fitness, better heath and for your fitness motivation

looking for strong abs and you don’t have much credits to join any membership or don’t have much fancy equipment’s  then don’t worry I  will tell you some simple variations through this vlog through which you can achieve flat abs while sitting at home.

Excess body fat around the waistline are most stubborn fat. That can only reduce with proper workout and stick to healthy diet

Love handles or side belly fat not only they hinder work performance but overall flexibility of our body . So we should stick to target workout for our obliques to get in shape.

You can work to build up the muscles around your stomach to make your muscles bigger and stronger but end of the day you need to loose weight through targeted oblique workouts.

So in my video I have covered the best trick that  you all can apply to effectively loose belly fat in just 10 minutes .

All you need is strong mindset and dedication towards your workouts. don’t go for a heavy plates , dumbbells just take a simple long and strong cloth or a simple bathroom towel or water bottle’s that all you need .

I always suggest everyone to include core exercises into your daily routine that helps to give you stable and strong body posture. so you can add these core workout into your regular strength sessions or may be you can try at the end of your workout session.

Perform each activity for 50seconds with a 10 second recovery as ,I did it very fast in this video as to save time to show you all other activities .

Here are is todays workout plan:
1.Legs pull in
2. Flutter kicks
3. Bottle touches
4. Bicycle crunches
5. Leg shifts
6. Crunches
7. Flutter kicks with water bottles
8. Hip touches
9. L sit bottles

10. Single hand plank position

While focusing on abdominal muscle one must focus on

  1. Drink alot of water
  2. Consume green veggies
  3. Avoid fried and junk food
  4. Avoid processed food
  5. Avoid acess sugar and salt

Note: take 10 second break after every workout activity

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