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3 Best pushup workouts

Whenever you are working on your chest muscles then you basically target Lower, upper and middle chest .These are the muscles that stretch right across your chest and shoulder.

Get ready with your basic body stretching’s to start with main workout. thus in this vlog i have targeted all those people who are not looking for gym or somehow not getting enough time to do basic workouts like pushups and other activities

Your chest muscles are one of the most powerful muscles in your upper body and they play a key role when it comes to pull and push body movements like picking, driving ,holding ,playing and so on.


1 In first activity we will focus on middle chest muscles so we have to do regular pushups exercise. its a fantastic chest workout . Lie down straights on the floor. extended your hands and shoulders so that you can hold your body with your hands. do a first pushups , bend your elbows and get your chest as close to the floor and slowly pull your body with both hands and try to do
3 sets with 10 Reps
Gap: 30 second

2. Now will focus on Upper chest muscles .for this kind of workout we are doing inclined bench press in gym but no worries we can get same results at home .pick some solid object like box, bricks, container etc. where you can perform upper chest workout or best you can use your bed or sofa set . always prefer height of object according to your body  strength. keep your legs and hands straight over the object and focus on pressing your chest in between boxes and you will feel pressure at both end of your armpits and upper chest muscles.
3 sets 10 Reps
Gap: 30 Second

3. Declined pushups are the reverse of inclined pushups where you have to put both feet’s on the object or bed or  sofa set can be a good idea for you. adjust your body height according to your body strength and stamina. Press your body with both hands at the bottom of the floor to feel muscle break in lower chest and that how you can work on your lower chest muscles .
3sets 10 Reps
Gap: 30 second

Now you can simultaneously work on all 3 chest muscles at 1 time just be patience and do regular workout and after some time you will see results in your body . Most of the time people give up because they don’t have time or they are so much lethargic that they say no to workout and Through this channel i want to educate and motivate all students , housewife old people who are at home and cant afford gym .So through my video you can do basic workout at home and make your self fit and fine.


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