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5 Top Shaving Tips – You Must Know

How regularly do you shave a beard? In an average person, a hair grows 1.25 cm per month.  As a result, most of the men have to cut their beard once a week.
You must be careful while shaving a beard. The result of a bad shaving might harm your skin. The nicks and cuts are the usual phenomena while shaving, but allergy is not. It might fatally inflame your skin.
Merely a few shaving tips might make your day!
So, in this post, we will share the 5 best-shaving-guides that will assist you in your next shaving.

1 Use Shaving Cream

For the soothing shaving experience, you must use the shaving cream. There are dozens of shaving cream prepared by many companies. However, all the products might not be relevant for you.
Foremost, you need to keep an eye on organic shaving cream. The shaving cream prepared by combining raw products. The amalgamation of an irresistible product like coconut oil, Shea butter, olive oil, and lavender oil makes a better shaving cream.
These oil aids truckload of glamour to your face. The charm might not be visible immediately after applying it. But the glow will surely soar up later using it.
Besides these, it will sort the chance of facing allergies. It will repair the nicks and cuts in a precise span.
Using a shaving cream definitely encourages the finest shaving experience.

2 Choose a Shaver with a perfect glide

Shaver is what you will use after applying shaving cream to your face. Primarily, there are two types of shaver – an electric shaver and a non-electric shaver. It doesn’t matter which shaver you use but it must consistently provide the close shave.
The shaver must cut the hair from the base resulting to eliminate an ingrown hair. Otherwise, it might lead to irritation.
Over and above that, it must glide perfectly. For the appropriate glide, the shaver must have a proper grip. If you prefer an untangled shaver, it might produce unwanted cuts.
Using a fine-honed razor-sharp blade will unquestionably provide the smooth shaving experience.

3 Butterfly shaver – Use hypoallergenic blades

The substitute of an electric shaver is butterfly shaver. The shaver with two blade edge and a long pointed tail to hold it to shave beard is its specialty.
An advantage of using this shaver over an electric shaver is a close shave. It uses only one blade to cut a beard. On this account, it might cause less irritation in contrast with 5 blades electric shaver.
It is straightforward to use. You need to put the blade into the middle of the razor. Right away, hold the razor with your hand, and start shaving.
Note: The blade you will use in this shaver must be hypoallergenic. The blade must not cause any kind of allergy after certain cuts.
Last, the notable feature of this shaver is its affordable cost. You can rely on this shaver and use it in routine life.

4 Aftershave – Use Aloe Vera

The specific problem associated with most of the men aftershave is dryness and cuts. Thus, they use cream to encounter this problem. But these creams might not be constantly effective in their skin.
We advise you use an Aloe Vera gel directly aftershave.  Aloe Vera is rich in vitamin A, C and E.  Thus, it will help to heal the cut phenomenally.
Aloe Vera also works as the moisturizer. It nourishes your skin. Hence, the dry skin gets moisturized immediately after exerting it to your face.
If you are working under sunlight, it will protect your skin from sunburn. Aloe Vera is the rarely known remedy to all problems. Take advantage of it for your own benefit.

5 Clean Your Shaver with Hot Water

Either it is an electric shaver or butterfly, you need to cleanse it properly. But you need to follow the instructions for an electric shaver before washing it with water. If it is not water resistant, you need to lubricate it with oil.
The water-resistant shaver must be clean with the mild hot water. Using warm water deeply cleans the shaver. Hence, in the next shave, it will provide the same efficiency as those of previous.
If you pack up the shaver without cleansing it, the blade might not cut the hair with the same performance in the next shave. The sharpness might get deducted.
Hence, after using the shaver, cleanse it accordingly!


Briefly, shaving makes you civilized. It doesn’t mean, the person who wears a beard is uncivilized. The proper trimming is necessary for the decent look.
Cuts, allergy, and red bump might occur during the shave. You need to follow the proper techniques, select the aptest shaver and take a time while shaving. It will enhance your shaving experience.
If you have any queries related to this post, drop your comment below!


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