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6 Trends That Define Future Of Android App Development 

Mobile app development is growing. Billions of apps are downloaded every year. As mobile users are growing every year, mobile app development is also growing. Mobile app development has come a long way since it began. Every year as technology is growing so is mobile app development.

The future of mobile app development will grow even more with new technology and ideas. Top apps you use today like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are recently developed but with new technology, all these apps are changing with new updates and software. Click here for best Android game developer.

Let’s look at some of the future trends that will change Android app development.
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We all know what AI technology can do and how it will completely take over the world in the future. You have already come across AI technology or bots which can take their decisions to improve the user experience. Siri, Alexa, and Cortana are some of the best examples of AI technology.
Motion Sensor

The motion sensor can be useful when it comes to playing games or finding a location. You already have played games that use motion sensors. You just need to move your device and the game will act accordingly. It is also great to find locations and give the user the correct location on GPS. The motion sensor will give you accurate details. Some apps have certain features and work by detecting motions.

Wearable Devices 
Training devices like smartwatches, fit bands, and other wearable devices are using mobile apps to communicate with the device. These wearable devices can connect with mobile and can communicate with the user for better performance. This can improve the mobile app development and can bring some new changes to the market.

Chat Bots 
A chatbot is not something new but it will surely change a lot of things in the mobile app development market. Users can communicate with bots and solve their queries. Bots will help to improve the overall user experience and it will also keep the user responses so they can be improved in the future. Chatbots will help the user in need and will try to solve their problem.

Virtual Reality (VR) 
Virtual reality is something that can completely change your entire surrounding and emotions. You have played games or experienced a new atmosphere using VR. It is one of the most amazing technologies that will change mobile app development. VR devices can create a simulation around you and give you a completely new experience.

Internet of Things (loT) 
The Internet has completely changed the entire world how we used to imagine. You can connect with anyone around the world using the internet. But when it comes to mobile apps you can make a device work the way you want. You can make a device work differently by connecting it with an Internet device. You can get information and transfer data from one device to another. Most apps can perform differently with an internet connection and provide useful information. This will change mobile app development in the future.

Mobile app development has grown rapidly since the development of smartphones. People are downloading new apps every day to try them. Even the business market has grown a lot since android app development has become a new thing. If you don’t know how to design a mobile app or game click here for the best Android game developer. Android game development is also growing with each new game released every year. Mobile gamers are also growing and enjoying the new technology. The future of mobile app development is still unknown but with growing demand and technology the market is booming and will continue to rise further.


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