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6 Ways To Boost Your Productivity In Instagram



In the ten years of its existence, Instagram has provided a platform for adults and teenagers alike, to express themselves in their capacities. While this platform helps connect millions globally through their likes and interests and gives like-minded people an interactive platform, there is always a flip side to everything, and Instagram is no exception. 


These social media platforms are built around our impulsive behaviors and feed into them. A certain bio-chemical called ‘Dopamine’ is released, each time we get a push notification or find something interesting that we find good enough to watch and download using 4Hub. The release of Dopamine gives us a feeling of excitement and pleasure. Thus, many of us end up falling into a never-ending trap of endless and mindless scrolling on this app. The average time spent by an adult on Instagram is 35 minutes per day.


Moreover, excessive release of Dopamine can cause depression and other mental disorders. We must move onto a more productive and healthy lifestyle by developing and enhancing productivity on Instagram.


Here are six ways you can do so:  


Follow Specific And Useful #Hashtags


One of the many features which Instagram provides is following ‘hashtags’ (#). Users can follow specific topics of interest by following the ‘hashtag’ of an item. Following items like #motivation, #productivity or #studymotivation will tune your feed in such a way that only posts relevant to such issues will show up on your screen.


Visual data tends to be very appealing to us, therefore, watching others utilize their time productively will make us want to do the same, and that way it would help us become productive. 


Bring Your Talent Onto The Platform 


In the current age of digitalization, merely keeping talent to yourself isn’t sufficient. We must let the world know about our potential by giving a voice to our abilities. This can range from putting up posts of quotes or poetry written by you to play an instrument for your followers. 


A platform like Instagram is powerful and branched-out. Any unique talent can be tapped by those who find it intriguing, and they can pay you for the same. Moreover, Instagram influencers, those who share their art on the site, have the potential to earn in millions! 


Connect With Resourceful People 


This means that, instead of following bots or other ‘not so helpful’ people on Instagram, you should connect with those who inspire you to stay in line and focus. Remember, Instagram is not just a ‘shiny new toy.’ Having connections with resourceful people can help you reach out and put yourself out there. 


This can be in the form of connecting with people all across the globe or following inspiration and positivity invoking accounts like @jayshetty.


Have A Strategy 


Don’t join Instagram just because all your friends use it or your favorite celebrity posts often there. You need to have some meaningful purpose behind becoming a part of this community, may it be promoting yourself or your business. Also, having a strategy entails having a detailed plan on how it would help you in the long run or what could be its possible implications. 


Planning is essential for you to save time, make the best out of your time on the app, and definitely, boost your growth. For example: having a structure for how often you are going to post to attract more audiences or which topics are popular among people or even what is relevant to my productivity.


Monetize Your Account


Build up followers, and use the platform to earn and make money from home. The journey towards this is going to be very long. Still, once you get there, through consistent posting, selling affiliate products, advertising brand products, and much more, it would reap you a lot of benefits and is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative forms of productivity.


 For example, many influencers with tons of followers advertise brand products by making a short video of themselves talking about the product and how it has helped them. Brands use this a lot these days as it is an inexpensive way for them to market their product, as they would have to pay one person only.


Therefore, they tend to use this form of marketing lot, and for the influencer, it is an easy way to make money from the comfort of their own home.



Track The Time You Spend On The App


Getting lost in Instagram ‘rabbit hole’ is a challenge that many individuals face. To avoid spending endless hours lost in your feed, schedule specific times each day or week that you check your Instagram account, and engage with your followers.


Instagram has a useful tool that allows you to self-monitor your time spent on the application. Instagram’s tool offers users a daily tally of their minutes spent on the app.


Not only can you see how much time you have spent on the app, but the tool also allows you to set a daily limit and get a reminder once you exceed that. There’s also a shortcut to manage notifications so that you don’t end up opening the app and losing your precious time.


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