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7 Gifts for the Guy Who Has Everything

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/9AosJc43_nQ

Gift shopping is hard enough already, but what do you buy for someone who (seemingly) already has it all? It’s no secret that guys tend to accumulate a lot of gadgets and gizmos, and you don’t want to end up giving him something he’ll toss in his junk drawer, never to touch again! Here are seven spectacular gifts any guy would love to receive.

1. Luxury Sunglasses
You can never own too many pairs of sunglasses. Even if he’s already on top of the latest sunglasses trends, sunglasses are notorious for getting lost and damaged, so any guy would appreciate an extra pair. Spend some time shopping for glasses for men onlineglasses for men online, and you should have no problem finding his new go-to shades. Don’t forget the carrying case.

2. A Plush Bathrobe
Even if he already owns a bathrobe, there’s a very high chance that he hasn’t replaced it in a long time, and it never hurts to have a spare bathrobe around. If you decide to take this route, go for something ultra-soft and luxurious that he can wear anytime he’s lounging around the house. Just don’t be surprised if he refuses to wear anything else!

3. A Unique Timepiece

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/Mp0SrDpVE1Q

There are many reasons to wear a watch. For the dapper gentleman, an exquisite timepiece is a stylish fashion accessory and a point of pride. For the collector, it’s a treasure and an heirloom to cherish forever. For the casual wearer, it’s a functional accessory that can pull an outfit together. If the guy on your list is more of a tech-head than a watch wearer, consider giving him an Apple Watch. You can even dress it up with leather bands for a smart aesthetic that any fashionable fella would appreciate.

4. Quality Grooming Products
While it’s not the most exciting out of these gift ideas for him, guys could always use some extra body wash, shampoo, soap, and other hygienic essentials. You could also give him a nice razor and shaving cream. If you decide to give him grooming essentials, make sure you go for top-of-the-line products. Your goal is to give him something he would enjoy using, but wouldn’t normally buy for himself.

5. Books/Movies/Video Games
A lesser-known book, movie, video game, or album would make a wonderful gift, and the chances of him already owning it are slim to none. As an added bonus, you’ll get to introduce him to something special to you. If you take this approach, make sure you give him something that he’s unlikely to know about. For example, something by an independent author, filmmaker, game developer, or musician could be a great option.

6. A One-of-a-Kind Work of Art

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-in-brown-scoop-neck-long-sleeved-blouse-painting-933255/

When it comes to finding gifts for the man who has everything, the best way to 100% guarantee he doesn’t own it already is to give him something that doesn’t exist anywhere else! You could commission an artist to create a personalized work of art, or you could even make it yourself. Even if you’re not exactly the next Picasso, the fact that you put time and effort into says it all.

7. An Unforgettable Experience
Finally, unless he’s a time traveller, giving him an experience instead of a tangible gift will ensure that he’s receiving something brand new. You could book an out-of-town adventure, give him tickets to a show, or get him a certificate to a local restaurant. Even though he’s not receiving something he can hold, you can be sure that the memories will last forever.

It’s the Thought That Counts
It’s a cliche, but the truth is that the gift itself is secondary to the meaning behind it. Even if he already owns the gift you give him, rest assured that he’ll be grateful, honored, and delighted. To be safe, save your receipt, and tell him that you can return or exchange it if he already owns it. Remember: The fact that you’re celebrating the occasion with him is truly the greatest gift of all!



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