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7 Sabyasachi Sarees Which Will Rock In 2020



Thinking of wearing traditional attire this wedding season but tired of the same old lehengas and sarees that has a very plain taste to them? Well, don’t you worry here we present to you with Sabyasachi Sarees. Not only are they trendsetters but they also have a charm to them that no other does.


 Sabyasachi plays beautifully with patterns, hues, and designs a lot which is why these are perfect for your escape from the cliched simple ones. These sarees look even more stunning when paired with designer back blouses. So, what are you waiting for? 


Sabyasachi Saree #1

The black Sarees are always charming on their own and the beloved designer added the net fabric to make it even more sensual. The bottom part does have a golden fabric that peeps through the net and let’s not forget the floral embroidery work on it because it’s the star of the whole outfit right? So if you are into floral but still want to have a bit of fancy touch to the outfit this one is for you. Just a side tip: You can even wear a crop top as a blouse to make it look trendy!

Sabyasachi Saree #2

This Saree is a hybrid of three elements that are in trend right now – Chanderi Silk, Floral and Black color (which is always in fashion by the way). This elegant looking ensemble is perfect for the summertime events with the flowy fabric that just looks absolutely stunning at all times and the type of the floral print on it gives it a very 80’s look, which we are digging! Boy-Oh-Boy its charm doesn’t end there because have a look at the sequin blouse which has a very subtle shine to it, subtle enough to not steal the limelight from the florals but fancy enough to catch the attention. That’s what is called balance, right?

Sabyasachi Saree #3

Pink sarees always look more feminine and are perfect for any event you can possibly think of. So if you want to sport that “I didn’t even try that hard” look then this one is perfect for you as you can just wear the gorgeous Sabyasachi Sarees and let its charm fill the room! The floral border makes it a tad bit heavier with the patterned fabric under the net one. The blouse on the other has its own fandom because those floral prints and the deep V-neck can never go unnoticed!

Sabyasachi Saree #4

Sabyasachi is known for the quality of the design that he presents like this one. The fabric is pure silk which has these very pretty and minimal floral prints and borders that go seamlessly with the color of the saree. What makes this one stand out the most is the fact that the florals are pretty subtle and rather than stealing the limelight just play the side role as a supporting character and make the saree even more charming (if you know what we mean).

Sabyasachi Saree #5

This Saree is the perfect example of the fact that red and white always go along. The red floral print on the fabric looks absolutely stunning paired beautifully with the red velvet border parallel to a golden “Gota Patti” border. Overall the look of the attire is pretty simple and graceful at the same time. If you want to jazz up the outfit a bit then you can always try some heavy jewelry with this one since it has a blouse which sports a very broad and deep neckline.  A red stone jewelry piece will look absolutely stunning with it.

Sabyasachi Saree #6

Can Gold ever be out fashion? A “Hell-No!” to that. Gold is an evergreen color just like the charm that it puts on the table. Just like this Sabyasachi Saree that has a half and half design with the “Gher” of the saree having the net fabric which has golden work done on it just as the pallu that sports the same charming and heavier golden thread work on it. You can either go with the sleeveless blouse just like depicted in the picture or you can also get a full sleeves one which will add on the grace in the outfit.

Sabyasachi Saree #7

Isn’t black just the perfect color as it can be worn on any occasion and ones you do one thing is for sure that you are going to look absolutely stunning. You don’t even need to style it that much! So you can give this Saree a try as it is pretty plain but the border is pretty broad with a tassel on the “Pallu” which just makes the outfit more feminine. The fact that it is perfect for everyone under the sun from the teens to mature women who love to wear subtle outfits without any “Chamak-Dhamak”, as they like to call it. Do you think the same?


“No, I’d go for the cliched one”- No one said, ever. So these were some of the best Sabyasachi Sarees that are going to make you look ramp ready with very simple efforts. So no more searching the web for styling ideas, just wear one of these and let their charm do the talking for you!

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