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7 Tips For Male Body Care

Male face: there are several factors that affect the well-being of male skin, from genetics to hormonal and metabolic factors up to environmental ones, given that life mostly takes place in metropolises almost consumed by smog.

The male skin is very different from the point of view of the structure, both of the function, why require specific treatments and tips about beauty that now follow the boys no longer taboo.

7 tips for a masculine beauty routine
For an ideal beauty routine, here are the steps to follow consistently and the tips to get the most out of your skin.

1. Cleanse your face
The first fundamental thing is to find a cleanser suitable for your skin, which will help you to deeply cleanse and remove dead cells. Using natural oils to cleanse the skin is a great way to cleanse it thoroughly and is good for all skin types, especially acne. If you have dry skin, cleansing milk is better, while for normal or combination skin, the gel is preferable.

For those with a beard, we advise you to use natural beard oil on a regular basis to provide hydration to your beard, always wash it with a mild shampoo, and follow it with a conditioner specific to your hair type. You should definitely not go to bed without having removed sunscreen or other products from the face, to avoid damaging the skin during sleep.

The next step is exfoliation: use the scrub frequently, this allows you to remove dead cells and impurities that do not come away with a normal cleanser. Also useful for preparing the skin for shaving, as it makes the hair and skin soft, so as to reduce abrasions and irritation, making the complexion bright and healthy.

2. Watch out for nutrition
To improve the skin of the face and counteract skin aging, it is important to avoid refined industrial foods, as they promote hormonal changes, the appearance of acne, and irritation.

The allied foods for male skin (as well as for female skin ) to be included in your diet are those containing selenium, a super ally trace element of the skin, vitamin E for antioxidant action, and beta-carotene, metabolized by the body for the production of retinol which stimulates tissue renewal and consequently helps the skin to regenerate faster.

Yes to rice, dried fruit, oilseeds, carrots, oily fish, vegetables.

3. Password: hydration!
How can you forget to use a moisturizer every day? Impossible if you want to take care of your skin. If the skin of the man’s face is dry, the advice is to choose a moisturizer that contains ingredients such as olive oil, argan oil, shea butter and lanolin. If the skin is oily, light and quickly absorbed ingredients are better.

As we have seen in the article on the eye contour, you must always take care of this area, which has always been very delicate and easily exposed to the signs of aging: its hydration must become a daily gesture to preserve it.

Obviously, the face of the man in the summer demands greater attention, but even now, during the white weeks, the control of the skin with an excellent sunscreen should not be outdone. Exposure to the sun easily damages this area, so it is necessary to use a protection factor higher than 15 in winter and 30 in summer.

Always use a good pair of glasses that will allow you to protect the eye area and prevent crow’s feet.

4. The lips
The skin of the lips is poor in sebaceous glands like the rest of the face and that is why the lips are prone to dry easily and crack: using a lip balm or a little coconut oil is the most precious advice to follow.

5. Beware of shaving
Often shaving is a real operation to be done carefully. It is essential to use a very good quality razor that is well-sharpened. If you want to use a disposable (or need one), choose a brand that has double-blade razors, they are very effective and shave more cleanly than a single-blade razor.

Before shaving it is important to wash your face with warm water that softens the skin and hair: apply shaving cream on the still-wet face in order to lubricate and slide the razor over the skin. Let the shaving cream sit on your face for a few minutes.

Once finished, apply a moisturizer to relieve irritation caused by shaving.

For skin with imperfections, it is possible to use an antiseptic, emollient, and moisturizing ointment for a few days. Always avoid alcohol-containing aftershave products, as they only dry the skin and cause burning. Avoid the articles too perfumed or parabens. It must always be remembered that all perfumes are potentially allergenic and therefore less perfume, more delicacy.

6. Take care of those pearly whites
Having a beautiful smile is a trump card if you want to make a good impression. Make an appointment with your dentist for a thorough dental cleaning and, if your teeth are no longer white, also plan a whitening session. The result will be assured.

7. Don’t forget the hands
After carefully observing the face, it’s time for the handshake. Having well-kept hands is essential. Apply a moisturizer regularly, especially during the colder months to avoid cracking, and don’t be afraid to do a manicure: it’s no longer just a woman’s prerogative.

Aesthetics also conquers men, who resort (more and more often) to targeted treatments and products. Studies show how, in recent years, male aesthetics have followed a positive trend especially with regard to ” face care “. It is not about being vain, nor about wanting to hide your age, but about taking care of yourself.
Author Bio

Name– Julien Chbib
Bio– Julien is the founder of L’Élixir Cosmétiques, a Swiss brand producing cosmetics for men.

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