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A Checklist for Socks That Fit


Socks that fit can significantly enhance any wearer’s level of comfort. Knowing how to accurately measure sock sizes is helpful when ordering custom printed socks. Follow this five-step checklist to order socks that provide a comfortable fit for any sport, athletic activity or everyday wear.

1. Measure the Wearer’s Foot
The first step to ordering socks that fit involves measuring foot size. Measuring the length of the sole of a wearer’s foot in centimeters with a ruler or tape measure is more accurate than relying on standard sock size ranges that accommodate six shoe sizes.

Measurements under 23 cm are equivalent to an extra small or youth custom sock size. Small custom socks fit feet measuring up to 25 cm. Medium socks fit feet up to 27 inches long. Order large socks for feet up to 30 cm and extra large socks for feet up to 32 cm long.

2. Check the Size
A precise measurement can be helpful for determining the right custom sock size, particularly if a wearer is between sizes. A size chart that identifies which shoe sizes each sock size accommodates is also available.

Find the size range that includes your shoe size to determine whether to order extra small, small, medium, large or extra large custom printed socks. It is important to choose the right size of socks to avoid bunching and achieve a comfortable fit.

3. Choose a Length
The right length of custom socks to order depends on the design of team uniforms, training or workout gear. Shorts or knickers allow wearers to show off knee-high or crew socks. Pants with a high hemline can also be worn with socks of either length.

Printed sock designs may feature either a half or full custom printed design. Most printed socks are crew or knee-high height to allow enough room for a design.

4. Get Premium Materials
Dye sublimated socks are likely to be the best athletic gear in terms of appearance and comfort. These printed socks are made of nylon stretch yarn to provide compression, cushioning and superior moisture management.

Socks that have cushioning at heel and toe provide shock absorption during wear and stay comfortable over time. Proper care can help a pair of high-quality printed socks last longer with less pilling and fuzzing. Machine wash printed socks inside out without bleach and dry on low heat.


5. Replace Worn Socks
A pair of socks can last eight to twelve months, depending on the frequency of wear and quality of care. If you are ordering socks for a team, it is a good idea to plan to renew this component of uniforms on a regular basis. New socks supply the intended level of cushioning and support.
Knowing the right size of socks to order for every member of a team allows for a more accurate sock order. Socks that fit properly are an essential part of any uniform. In addition to providing the perfect fit, custom printed socks with personalized colors, patterns, logos or text are a stylish way to show team spirit.

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