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A quick fashion guide for Spring 2021


New year, new trends; this spring season, the fashion industry did not disappoint and made a stellar comeback. Bringing back some old favorites along with recent trends; this year’s runways embraced tradition while giving it a modern twist.
The following are ten trends that dominated the fashion scene this spring. Get ready, ladies, because this season is going to be a good one. Let’s walk you through some of our favorite picks this year.

1. Oversized Boyfriend Jackets
This year is all about big, bold, and oversized cuts. The 80s inspired boyfriend jackets are the talk of the town for their chic yet edgy outlook. The broad-shouldered jackets are short in length and cinch at the waist giving your legs an elongated look. They are a statement piece; don them over a minimal outfit and turn them into a fabulous ensemble. The baggy cut of an oversized boyfriend jacket works best when paired with straight-leg trousers, skinny shorts, leggings, or dresses. Dress them up or dress them down; they look phenomenal in every way.

2. Headscarves
We are bringing back the 50s, ladies! This modest and chic fashion trend is back with a bang. Headscarves are great because not only are they excellent for hair protection, but they add the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble. A headscarf is a statement accessory that packs on a punch without overdoing things. You can experiment with an array of fabrics, prints, patterns, and cuts. If you are looking for a foolproof buy, silk is the way to go. Style it however your heart desires: wrap the fabric under your chin, at the back of your head, wrapping around your neck, or even has a handbag accessory. Channel all the Grace Kelly vibes, girl!

3. Pastel Hues
Pastel tones were a hit last year, and it looks like they are here to stay. This spring season, pull out all your fun and flirty pastel-colored outfits. Aside from being supremely gorgeous, pastel tones look great on anyone and everyone. Moreover, they are perfectly appropriate for all kinds of social settings. Opt for a cool lavender, a millennial pink, or a muted mint green; pastels never fail to impress a crowd. Elevate your everyday style game by wearing more pastels.

4. Yellow Bags
Name a happier color; we’ll wait. Yellow is a warm color that just brightens up everything around it. This spring season, yellow is dominating the fashion game. Perhaps the most statement fashion trend involving the color yellow is yellow handbags. Yellow bags are timeless, chic, and just statement enough. Their vibrant and bold outlook may seem intimidating to some and may bring versatility into question, but you will be surprised to learn that yellow bags are super versatile and wearable. You can choose your favorite yellow from a variety of shades and make it your own. Style your pocket full of sunshine (pun intended) with anything from a monochrome outfit to a bright, bold, and beautiful ensemble. As for design, we recommend keeping it simple. Refrain from overdoing it and opt for sleeker and structured picks.

5. Vintage Coats
Vintage coats are all the rage right now. Their simple silhouette, sleek designs, and intricate detailing gives your ensemble a whimsical and elegant look and feel. Aside from the classics, folk-inspired coats are a hot favorite this season. Embroidery and lace tapestry is no longer outdated. Style your vintage folk-inspired coat with a simple monochrome ensemble or with a contemporary outfit to create a super unique fusion look. Simple and timeless, you can never go wrong with vintage coats.

6. Long Boots
Boots are an all-time staple. They are just so versatile. Every gal loves boots because they are comfortable, wearable, durable, and, frankly, beautiful. While most of us opt for ankle boots simply owing to their effortlessness and wearability, it is about time we venture into unknown realms. Behold, long boots! Long boots do not nearly receive the love and attention that they deserve. They are so incredibly statement; how could anyone not love them? Long, knee-high boots are the hot footwear pick of the season. They style beautifully with a dress, skirt, and leggings. Use them to elevate your everyday ensemble into something unique and memorable.

7. Blue Accessories
Blue is a universally a flattering color. It exudes calmness and serenity, which is something we all could frankly use more of; all the more reason to wear more blue. Things are a little different this season, though, because it is not blue outfits that are making waves (get it: blue, waves?) but blue accessories. Blue accessories are super-hot right now. What makes this trend work is simply the range of options available for you to work with. Blue has so many shades; just pick your favorite. Style your blue accessories with monotone outfits such as an all-grey, all-white, or all-black number. Blue creates a stunning contrast against neutral shades that just turn every outfit into a head-turner. Mix and match different pieces (they do not have to be the same color) and create a unique look every time.

8. Fringed Bags
You have heard of fringed jackets; we love them; they are great. Now get ready for the next big thing: fringed handbags! Fringed handbags are fantastic. Statement, bold, and edgy yet elegant, sophisticated, and versatile; they are the perfect amalgamation of all. Fringed bags come in different cuts, styles, and fringe lengths; some like to keep it simple with a short fringe, whereas others like to channel their inner Carrie Bradshaw with fringes that hit the floor. Play with different materials like leather, suede, shearling, or silk, depending on your personal preference. If you are searching for a versatile staple, we recommend opting for neutral tones. However, if you wish for your bag to be the talk of the town, opt for bolder hues like green, yellow, or red.

9. Denim on Denim
If there is one fabric that will never, repeat never, go out of style, it is denim. Denim is not even a staple anymore; it is practically a necessity. We all own jeans, we love them, and we wear them every day. Can you imagine your life without it? We can’t. Well, lucky for us, denim is in this season, and it has gone Haute. The runways were all about denim on denim. Mix and match denim washes, contrasting cuts, and more; it was denim galore. If you wish to invest in a stunning garment this season, we recommend going for denim like a pair of flashy denim jeans or a denim jacket. If you are searching for something special, custom denim jackets are the way to go. Nothing promises versatility, and durability like denim, so do not even think twice about it.

10. Feather Fantasy
Feathers, yes, feathers are trending. Feathered skirts, dresses, sweaters, and accessories were big on the runways this year. If you love warm, fuzzy, and soft fabrics but are looking for something super fashionable and fabulous, this is the trend for you. Test out the waters, and if all looks good, you are ready to fly (again, pun intended).

Parting Thoughts
Fashion is ever-evolving; perhaps that is what makes it so exciting. This past year has been a rough one, to say the least. Needless to say, the excitement for the new season and its accompanying trends is real. Try out these seasonal trends and make them your own; we promise you, the outcome will be nothing short of fabulous.

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