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Ab roll workout : using biceps rod

The ab roll workout is an exercise designed to target the core muscles including the rectus,abdominal, obliques, lower back. Ab workout is probably one of the top core exercises of all time.but if you do it correctly you will get better results.here in this blog will tell you how to perform ab roll workout using biceps rod.


  • Get an Ab Wheel and position in front of you while you kneel on a mat .
  • Grab the rod of the plates and place your full weight on the rod.
  • From this position, cross your legs behind you, and lift your feet off the mat (this will help stabilize you but make the movement a bit more challenging)
  • Lock your shoulders into place, and keep your back in neutral alignment
  • In fact, you could even round your back and maintain a semi-rounded position throughout the exercise
  • As with all functional exercises, brace your core tight and squeeze your glutes
  • Begin the movement by rolling the wheel out in front of you while keeping your core tight.
  • Rollout only as far as you can keep you low back straight!
  •  Pause for a second at the fully extended position, while keeping your core tight
  • Reversethe movement by tightening your ab muscles even further and returning to the starting position


Ab wheel roll outs provides better ab workout than traditional abs exercises. It builds a stable core, decrease your risk of muscular injury, it not only targets your abs but also it works the muscles of your lower back.

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