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Ab workouts

Ab workout are most important workout for our body and for this one can choose and perform variety of workouts to achieve your objective.

your ab is the key to any workout and you have to really focus on your abs .So, in all kind of sports and activities like squat heavy weights, hike up the stairs, run fast or long distances, and more your core plays a major role in your ability to carry out such tasks.

So one should always focus on abs workout . to get ripped and lose love handles one should stick to healthy lifestyle that means one should prefer rich diet consist of full of nutrients. Your workouts should not be dependent on any equipments you can do free Wight workout anytime and anywhere

” Stay focused, stay consistent ,stay strong”

You see your ab is complex muscle so always try to do different kind of workouts for your abs to get better results from every angle. when it comes to find the best workout or infact  you don’t need equipment’s for abs don’t go for complicated workouts just focus on that area where you wants results  I have covered 3 variations in my video which clearly focus on 3 different angles of your core.


  • Take any solid object or water bottle and make it a challenge that you don’t have to touch with your feet .
  • Sit on a floor with  placing bottle at your center and put your hands behind your hips to make your body stable and slowly lift your feet’s at an angle of 90 degree and then try doing cycling in air without touching water bottle as shown in my video . now came back to starting position and  repeat the cycle at other end of water bottle.
  • In second activity activity lift you both the feet’s at 90 degree and place it at one side of bottle and simultaneously lift and place it at another side of the bottle with 10 sets each side
  •  In 3rd and last activity you can lift both the legs and try to place both the legs at 90 degree and do 10 raps at one side and slightly move to other side of bottle and put your legs on other side of bottle. repeat this workout according to your reps and stamina as shown in my video.

Benefits :

  1.  Improved performance in sports.
  2. Reduced lower back pain.
  3.  Improved posture and stability.
  4. 4 Improved ability to bear weight.

In nut shell all you need is stay focused on your healthy lifestyle and stick to balance diet and most important thing is whenever you are performing any kind of workout make sure to do some basic streching to keep your body parts active and always prefer to do workout under guidence of your trainer . Always take proper precautions while performing any kind of activity at home .


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