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Are you going to travel? Know what clothes to use on the plane

If it’s the first time you’re going anywhere, know the tips of the Ludmila fashion consultant to stay stylish and comfortable.

Going on vacation, getting to know other cities and even countries is a real thrill! For first-time tourists, choosing the look to spend hours sitting on the plane can be a difficult task, but everything is much better if you follow a basic rule: order is a comfort. Ask your questions about the most practical parts for a quiet and well-dressed stroll:

Can I go in high heels?

Depending on the travel time, the jumps can get in the way of relaxing. “High heels are not the right model. Because of the sitting time and altitude, your legs and feet may swell and the shoe will tighten or even not get into the foot when the aircraft lands. Choose something more comfortable with sneakers, espadrilles or even more casual sneakers, “teaches Ludmila.

Is it better to wear jeans, sweatpants or leggings?

For long flights, such as international flights, it is better to think about the possibility of sleeping on the trip, without the pants tightening or disturbing. Therefore, a modern sweatshirt may be the best way out, but the consultant warns: “comfort is always a priority, that does not mean that it should be relaxed, okay?”

What kind of bag can I carry in my hand?

Of course, combining the accessory with the rest of the look is important, but it’s worth keeping an eye on other details: it needs to be tightly closed and fit everything you need to take – like documents, medicines and a mini- is not much larger than a suitcase. “Another tip is to take an intimate piece (lingerie) and a T-shirt in case the luggage is damaged: it is better to prevent it”, recalls the consultant.

Can you travel in skirts, shorts or dress?

If you feel comfortable in the chosen model and the trip is national, then you are released! However, if it is an international one, better opt for the pants – even because inside the aircraft is usually very cold, because of the air conditioning.

What if the temperature change is sudden?

If you are leaving a colder place and going to a warmer place, and vice versa, the best alternative is to choose a more basic combination that can suit both temperatures without much suffering. “Prefer light and comfortable clothing. A good trick is to always wear a light shirt and an overlay, which can be a jacket or a blazer. ”

If I have an event, should I be dressed?

For a family trip, with no scheduled time, take a comfortable look and change if necessary when you arrive at the hotel. When travelling to work, better to go with the clothes you want to wear. “But you can carry a sneaker in your bag and then change your heel,” Ludmila says.

Can I wear earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets?

Power can, but be aware of the safety of your destination: International travel, for example, usually requires you to remove all metal parts – including shoes and belts – before going through the detector. And this process can happen more than twice.

Are fair clothes out of the picture?

As a variation of altitude, the consequence is that your feet and legs swell, plus you spend sitting hours. So the skinny pants you love might end up getting cramped and uncomfortable. Remember: “the word of order is comfort and elegance”.

Is it preferable to clothes that do not knead?

Besides getting sleepy, you do not need the whole wrinkled look to get worse, do not you? “Prefer polyester pieces in the composition since they do not knead. Flax does not even think, just kneel to look! ”

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