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Best Biceps workout

Bigger and muscular biceps are dream for everyone and it looks good when wear a tight T shirt with well defined physic.

your biceps are basically the large muscle group that sits on front section of your arm. our arm is consist of front and back muscles that’s basically biceps muscles and triceps muscles .

Most people don’t get good results or you can say can’t grow biceps as big as they would like them to. because biceps are broken in to many small muscles and we are keep focusing on only one muscle.if you are looking for thicker muscle then focus on triceps too.

While doing any kind of workout with heavy weights one should focus on technique like while holding heavy weight breathing out regularly ,calm yourself ,keep your tempo more controlled.allow your muscle to breathe and you muscles  will give better result.

According to survey its found that male with more muscles with good arms and legs are 70 percent likely to die due to cardiovascular diseases as compared to guy with less muscles .

It’s very important for us to stay fit and eat healthy with proper intake of nutrients and do proper workouts on daily basis. So in following vlog I have shared 3 most important workout for biceps which you can perform any where without using any heavy weights or machines.


1. Grab a towel or any handy cloth with both hands and stand straight facing towards wall . will do biceps curls with own body weight by pulling one leg upside down as shown in my video.repeat this activity from both legs to get perfect curl in your biceps

2. stand with feet and shoulder width apart ,arms straight to floor and grab your cloth from both the ends with your carry bag entangled into it .keeping your elbows and shoulders stationary and lift weight to the front of your shoulders. try to pause and squeeze biceps at top.

3. This time tie a knot of your towel to the handle of cupboard and hang your self back and move slowly in front direction and squeeze your muscle to feel tension and it creates pressure at your curls .

While doing biceps workout and looking for good results always focus on 3 things . first your warmup activity did you done it or not? .second your technique did you squeeze your muscles ? and third is rest moment did you take 2-3 minute rest or not?. these are certain factors which define your muscles .


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