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Destiny 2

Best Destiny 2 Assault Rifles to Kill enemies

Destiny 2 has amassed popularity lately and we think the game deserves appreciation for the value it provides. Destiny 2 has been improving and advancing into new worlds, offering fans new avenues to express their “gamer selves” into.

Destiny 2 is also famous for its weapons. Dangerous, interesting and exciting weapons that you may obtain throughout the game. 

If you’re into weapons, today’s your lucky day because this article is based on Opulence Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons featuring Assault Rifles.


Yep, you heard that right. Assault Rifles pack a punch and they’re ready to blow some holes into enemies. Let’s start.


  1. Misfit

The first weapon on our list isn’t that amazing but it’s popular. People find it convenient to rely upon a basic, simple & upgradable weapon at ease. However, don’t take Misfit lightly.

If used with the right perks, one can improve the range, allowing you to hit more targets, Flared Magwell to multiply reload speed and improve stability at the same time.

As one advances into Tier 2 perks, you can gain access to increased damage and score more kills in lesser time. Guess this is why gamers find Misfit to be their fit.


  1. Origin Story

The go-to gun for players in PvP, the Origin story is a great gun to rely on. The perks one might want to grab are the Flared Magaell and Rampage perks to improve stability, offer better reload speed and increase damage with the kills that you do, however, there’s a limit to this number.

If you’re interested in this gun then head over to do some Vanguard Strikes so you can improve your rank and ultimately get this tough Rifle.


  1. Ghost Primus

Again, we’ve grabbed a popular gun in that, it’s a special Rifle.

The best setup for this weapon is with the Arrowhead Brake and Armor-piercing rounds perks, with the first perk giving you better handling speed and, increased recoil damage and the second allowing you to hit enemies harder, even if they’re equipped with a shield.

What’s interesting about this gun is that it stocks on a variety of perks and suitable for PvE.


  1. Valakadyn

The Valakadyn is a deadly weapon, you can take it around places and shoot target practice and throw a huge number of enemies on the ground like a sack of potatoes!

Although adding a few extra perks will aid your weapon to become strong, you need to build the right combination for things to work efficiently. They can greatly increase the range, accuracy that the gun provides. You can find this by going to lo, the Tower or Faction, and Legendary Engram drop.


  1. Hardlight

Number 5 on our list is hardlight. The name may seem familiar to fans if you’ve played Destiny before. In the previous game, Hardlight wasn’t in on enough action but its progress in Destiny 2 is commendable. It uses the Volatile light perk and strikes the enemies harder than they’re supposed to be hit.

Embarking on the Polygonal Rifling perk and Composite Stock, this gun has higher weapon stability and you can handle it much better than before.

You can also utilize other perks that may offer valuable benefits and make Hardlight better than it is already. 


  1. Suros Regime

Destiny 2 did not miss upgrading their weapons at all. This weapon has been thrown under the spotlight lately. 

The Suros Regime fires an insane amount of bullets, about 600 rounds per minute, firing quickly at enemies. What makes it our top pick is the quantity and the quality of the perks this weapon provides.


Which Rifle do you like the best out of all of them?


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