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Best Features of Cisco Catalyst 2960 series switches

The Cisco WS-C2960-48TT-S series of switches receives power over the gig uplink port taken from an upstream power of the Ethernet (PoE) switch. It has 48 10/100 Mbps ports. The catalyst 2960 is a device that is also most commonly known as a powered device switch, which is most ideal for deployment outside of the wiring closet, such as classrooms for conference rooms that have wiring and spacing constraints.

These switches are also called compact switches powered by another power adaptor, PoE switch, or the power injectors but only the ones that can support 802.3af. When both the PoE input port and a power adaptor are activated, the catalyst 2960 switch prioritizes the power adaptor and not the PoE input.

Overview of the benefits of using Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet can offer a very low total cost of ownership for the deployment that incorporates Cisco Aironet wireless LAN access points and the Cisco IP phones and any IEEE 802.3af compliant end device. The power over Ethernet also removes the total cost for any additional electrical cabling needed to set up wireless LAN deployments over IP phones. Moreover, it also eliminates the need for wall power to each PoE to enable the requirement of PoE midspans and power injectors.

When we talk about how many devices the Cisco WS-C2960-48TT-S can power, it’s pretty simple because it can support up to 48 ports with the total power output capacity of 370W. One of the main features, why the series of switches are so incredibly efficient, is that they can deliver the power required to support 24 ports at 15.4W and 48 ports at 7.7W. But that is not all; it can also provide the necessary power to any other combination between these two ports. There are even more series of the same switches such as the 24PC-L and 24LT-L series of Cisco catalyst 2960 series of switches that can simultaneously support 24 fully powered devices at 15.4W. The latter can support up to 8 devices at the same power.

Only this happens and is possible with the support of Cisco Catalyst Intelligent Power Management, which is an advanced configuration system that provides maximum powered device support.

Most people want to know if the catalyst 2960 LAN base switches and support devices that need more than 15.4W. The answer to that is no; it cannot. It can only support those LAN base switches that go up to 15.4W on PoE ports. These switches can also simultaneously provide power to Cisco press and standard power over Ethernet and IEEE 802.3af after it does the job of automatically detecting the endpoint to provide the power that is needed without any user intervention.

Supporting standards-based Power over Ethernet

Catalyst 2960 series of switches does a fantastic job of supporting IEEE 802.3af. Not only this, but it also provides an investment for the protection of the installed base of Cisco Aironet Wireless LAN access points and that of base IP phones. It provides protection only by supporting the pre-standard Power over Ethernet or otherwise called the ‘inline power.

The Advantages of Cisco catalyst 2960 series switches LAN Lite software versus LAN Base software 

The catalyst 2960 LAN Lite switches are only for wiring closet networks and for entry-level branch offices. They do a great job of simplifying the migration from unmanaged switches and non-intelligent hubs to fully reliable and scalable networks. The LAN Lite IOS software also supports the availability while decreasing the network of the total cost of ownership but, at the same time, helps in supporting the QoS and the standard Layer 2 security. It provides high-speed Ethernet connectivity in both 24 and 48 port configurations.

Next, we look at the catalyst 2960 LAN Base switches, which offer highly intelligent services for wiring closets and branch offices. The land base iOS software also makes sure to provide scalable management for enabling newly converged applications and making sure they also have the perfect availability and enhanced layer 2 + security and high quality of service. The plus point that this software has over the LAN Lite software is that it includes both 10/100/100 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and 10/100 Fast Ethernet in 8-, 24- and 48- port configurations.

Butwhat makes all the switches omen and similar to each other is the fact that they all offer options of technical support services that are available through the Cisco SMARTNet service. Not only this, but they also come with updates for the LAN Lite and LAN Base software without any additional costs, and they also offer a limited lifetime hardware warranty.

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