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Buy Online Cotton and khaddi net embroidered pret Dresses by zaaviay

The art of Khaddi

Pakistan has the most unique dresses with extravagant designs and vibrant colors. The history and culture behind these dresses make them even more special. Pakistani dresses are the perfect way to dress elegantly while being in the boundary of decency.

Zaaviay brings back the history and culture into their clothing brand which makes them unique to everyday clothing. Zaaviay is well-known for its hand-embroidery or Khaadi. This way of embroidering goes back to pre-historic times as back as 5000 BC. Hand-embroidery has existed in Pakistan since the beginning in the form of khaadi net dresses. Nowadays this historic art seems to be rare but Zaaviay is preserving this art and is doing it the way our forefathers did.

Zaaviay helps to give these artists the value for their art by selling the top quality of khaddi suits on multiple different fabrics like cotton and silk. Net embroidery is one of the specialties of Zaaviay. They combine beautiful hand designs with remarkably comfortable and soft fabric.

At Zaaviay, we present a range of printed and designer-cotton collections, which allow our global clients to follow the trend or in the summer. Besides, the inclusion of summer khaadi cotton outfit collections makes them even more special. There is a large range of khaddi cotton suits in our online-shop that match people of different choices. Our technical team has many years of experience in the industry which helps us to offer the best clothing solutions. Zaaviay provides Pakistani women with the comfort of branchy female dresses and the best fabrics for both summer and winter seasons.

Online wardrobe provided by Zaaviay

No one likes to go out shopping just so they can pick out a handful of clothes. While this may have some benefits but sitting at home and having your favorite clothes at your doorstep on just a click of a button is a better experience. Plus in today’s troubled times it seems like a much better and safer solution to just online shop.

Zaaviay provides for every Pakistani woman who loves to buy and wear Pakistani clothing. Everyone can choose to buy their favorite designs by Zaaviay either for themselves or their loved ones. Zaaviay can provide for women according to their desired fitting. These suits are already stitched so that automatically makes life even easier. Zaaviay knows how hard is to find a tailor that is not a pain in the neck because it is very difficult to remind these tailors to stitch the suit on time. Even after all that hassle, the fitting can end up disastrous and far from the desired result. Zaaviay just ends all the hassle and provides you a trendy outfit you can wear as soon as you get it.

Zaaviay aims at appeasing Pakistani women and satisfying their demand for designs of cotton-focused, khaadi dresses. Their collection incorporates several de­­­­signs and it can adapt to the customer’s clothing needs. Zaaviay is experienced in building a long-term relationship with its customers as it establishes the core values and beliefs of the firm in its activities. Zaaviay’s customer service gives Pakistani clients a constructive impact on their preferences and aspirations, with a sharp sense of design and an eye for style.

Why choose Zaaviay?

Most online retailers and local vendors are marketing cheap Pakistani clothes. Since there is no craftsmanship involved in such items it is in any way imaginable inexpensive. Zaaviay uses handpicked experts qualified to get their clothes khaadi. It holds quality performance intact without modification.

Zaaviay’s trendy range is made from the only natural and imported cotton, available in ready-to-wear luxury pret. This collection focuses on the topic of royalty with the finest craftsmanship, beautiful colors, and only the best cotton fabrics – with stylish and demanding pakistani cotton silk dress and styled cotton shirts, and khaadi with their signature logo. Zaaviay has the greatest collections ever in 2020 and each item has a personality of its own. The promoter promises that it would be a prodigious update to a beautiful brand with all potential group activities on the calendar.

The good quality of the garments they produce is quite clear in each and every collection. Zaaviay stands for each outfit’s art and comfort. In a deeper point, they cater to their clients, as they seek new ideas that their audience needs to carry with them. Customers understand the value of khaadi crafts, and thus spend their money on this line of apparel, preserving the handmade embroidery technique that is almost forgotten.


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