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Calisthenics workout struggle

The Calisthenics workout are very hard and its a body weight workout. Calisthenics training is all about mastering your body and developing strength, balance, control, mobility, and flexibility. To put this another way, it’s an ideal addition to any workout plan.

Calisthenics Training ?

Calisthenics is a form of training where you use body weight exercises to build muscle. Think pullups, pushups, dips, pistol squats—those kinds of exercises.

Calisthenics training is usually associated with lean and agile athletes, but there’s more to calisthenics then crazy pull-up tricks and tight abs.

Calisthenics workout routines are perfect for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training ) circuits, which are proven to accelerate fat loss.

How To Start Calisthenics Training

As with anything else, you have to start calisthenics training with the basic exercises. with these fundamental workout you will develop body strength .

  • Incline Pushup –> Normal Pushup –> Decline Pushup
  • Chin-up –> Pull-up –> Wide-Grip Pull-up –> Muscle-up
  • Bench Dip –> Dip –> Chest Dip
  • Knee Raises –> Leg Raises –> Front Levers

Try to add more variations in your workout to increase muscles strength.

Start with slow, high-quality repetitions so that you can completely master the form.

When starting your training, focus on progression:

  1. Each workout, aim to do more repetitions than the workout before .
  2. Once you feel confident with a basic exercise, progress to a more challenging exercise. Then progress in form and reps with the more difficult exercise.
  3. Once you can perform the circuits above, you’ve achieved a high-level of practical fitness.But there are still many advanced exercises you’ve yet to progress to. Continue bodyweight exercises and develop your muscles and strength to reach “beyond expert” calisthenics. This approach prevents injury and helps you reach your fitness goals

Failures :

with facing failures slowly slowly you will get lots of learning ad finally you will master the calisthenics workout. there are lots of fails while performing calisthenics workout. you just have to be alert while doing workout. try to do calisthenics workout under the guidance of your trainer . avoid any kind of worst injury that impacts you badly.

Like : Fracture, muscle soreness, body tissue breakups  etc.

Results :

keep in the mind about the protections and proper guidance you will be master the calisthenics workout and you will beat the failures .



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