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Celebrating the Occasion with a Dazzling Designer Saree

You may be heavily inclined towards Western apparel and all things that scream modern or ultra-modern! Regardless, there will be occasions, specifically celebratory ones, wherein you will have this strong urge to wear the traditional saree! Yes, the five-and-a-half to six-yards in length ‘cloth’ continues to hold immense visual appeal, beauty, grace and elegance, even today.

Now, there are diverse aspects that come into play were you to go shopping for sarees offline/online.


Cotton has long ceased to dominate the world of sarees, considering that, so many new entries have made their way into the arena of fashion! They include brocade, georgette, crepe, jequard, chiffon, viscose, net, satin, satin silk, silk, velvet, polyester, nylon, etc. Of course, the soft, smooth and shiny materials come into play at semi-formal and formal events, in the form of designer sarees.

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Prints and Embellishments

You will be flabbergasted by the artistic mentality of those, who place ‘prints’ on diverse kinds of fabrics used for sarees! You are welcome to go in for zany geometric patterns, abstract art, charming floral ideas, modern polka dots, traditional Bandhini or kalamkari, checks or stripes, etc.

As for embellishments, intricate embroidery patterns, mirror or stonework, beading, attachment of sequins, zardosi, resham work, usage of zari or coloured threads, etc; suffice to provide that added glory to an already glorious background!

Stately Affairs

Every State in India has something to offer in the name of its culture and traditions. The result is a bedazzling collection of wonderfully colourful sarees, suitable for everyday wear, every kind of festival wear, and wedding wear in India!

Leaving aside all the other occasions for wearing a saree, every woman waits for that one special day when she may stun everyone with her attire and looks. This is her wedding day! Therefore, if you had to shop for wedding sarees, what would you look for? Note that you cannot remain satisfied with just one saree. You will need an entire set for various rituals that occur prior to the wedding, as well as after the wedding.

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Bridal Attire

While the northern region of India would incline heavily towards the bewitching Banarasi silk saree, the southern region would prefer Kanjeevaram silk. Of course, this is not to say that every bride in India opts only for these two varieties, and nothing else! It is just that these are the purely traditional and commonest choices amongst many families.

For instance, the silk saree created from the skilled hands of the weavers of Banaras/Varanasi, is superbly rich and royal in appearance. The artistically woven patterns in pure gold and silver threads are the highlight of the saree. Then again, there are the brilliant shades of various colours that come into play for displaying the designs. Despite the heaviness of the saree, it serves to lure and attract. Brides generally prefer maroon or crimson red. Similarly attractive are Kanchipuram, Pochampally, Chanderi, Bandhani, etc, sarees.

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At the same time, this is not all. Creative fashion designers strive to give a contemporary or designer look to every wedding saree (made from any fabric) via the additions of motifs, sequins, beautiful embroidery or brocade works, and other unique embellishments. The idea is to capture the eye of every individual in the audience, making him/her comment, “This is the loveliest bride of all”!

What are the other occasions that a bride will need a saree for?

Well, the first year after marriage is filled with all manner of ceremonies, wherein the couple and their respective families celebrate every festival with gusto! Towards this end, she will need different designer sarees for her first Sankranti, first Diwali, first Karwa Chauth, etc. Of course, it is not necessary to wear heavy dresses all the time. chic chiffons, glorious georgettes, flowing silks, modern lehenga sarees, elegantly printed fabrics, graceful handlooms, etc, can all come into play at various times of the year.

Whatever is the case, as more and more ravishing and stylish sarees continue to enter the marketplace, there will always be the urge to add just one more to the wardrobe!


Designer sarees, whether they are for semi-formal or formal events, display a wonderful blend of rich colours, good-quality fabrics, stunning prints, and near-perfect embellishments.  

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