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CheckOut Top 10 Social Media Questions Asked In Interview

Social media is the backbone of  company . Nowdays social media is using as a tools and stretegies to reach your audience in a very effective ways . There was a time when we used to look for updates of any particular news, jobs interviews etc on print media . But as we are in modern era we are more updated with the help of modern technologies . Nowdays social Media jobs are preveling in every company . And everyone is running to get knowledge of social media through diffrent online courses and certifications to get an extra edge in his /her career. So, here we will discuss about top 10 social media job interview questions which  are common across all the job profiles.


1. Importance of social media ?

Please be ready with thorough answer of social media importance. Social media is most dynamic field in modern era. Through social media a business reach will increase and we can generate effective leads . By using diffrent social media platforms we can alayze our business growth.

1. What is google analytics ?

Google analytics is a tool given by google to measure your website traffic growth, customer behaviour, total traffic coming from diffrent platforms etc .

2. What is RSS feed and why its important ?

The full form of RSS is Rich Site Summary. RSS is an XML file. These feeds push content to company’s site and allow readers to subscribe to their feed.It enables you in email subscriptions, feeding content to readers, and live bookmarking

3. How we can generate traffic on videos ?

  • We have to set demographics of our customer base or traget audience
  • Making the first 20 seconds of a video compelling. These 20 seconds will influence the viewers whether to watch it further or not.
  • The video must be entertaining or sending some message  to the masses .
  • We can also create emotional touch in our videos depending on your taste.
  • Create attention-grabbing and compelling title with relevant tags to include widely searched key terms. An interest description will act as a teaser to the audience.
  • Seed the video to journalists, influencers, and bloggers for marketing
  • Add relevent keywords in video discription bar . That will help to make its social media optimization well.

4. How you can measure your social media ROI (Return On Investment)?

There are various ways in which we can measure social media ROI .

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Lead Generation
  • Revenue
  • clicks
  • Subscribers

5. How you can generate traffic to your blog ?

  • Promotion of content and images  across all social platforms like Facebook, Instagram ,linkedin Tumblr, Pinterest ,Flickr,twitter, Foursquare and more.
  • Giving short presentation of content on SlideShare and providing link to the content or blog from SlideShare.
  • Pin your post to Pinterest contributors by using an attractive title of the blog, image, hashtags, and adding keywords.
  • Creare a nice presentable video of your blog and post on youtube and other video sites.
  • Also add links of your blog on blog post


 6. What are the top social media marketing tools ?

  • Sproutsocial

This tool manages multiple pages, brands, and searches. It assigns the task to team members, post analytics, competitor research, and reporting.

  • HootSuite

It is used for search or monitoring, reporting, social media dashboard, and team management.

  • Radian 6

Enterprise social media management application for post analytics, research, listening, and campaigns.

  • Zendesk

For collecting messages from social into one collaborative inbox, customer engagement platform, e-mail voice etc.

  • TweetDeck

Similar to HootSuite, TweetDeck helps to manage multiple social media platforms like LinkedIn, Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.

  • Crowdbooster

This tool is used to measure user engagement over time across various social media networks. It also gives clue on what kind of content will suit your business the best.


7. What is facebook edgemark? Why its important ?

 Facebook Edgerank is the algorithm used by Facebook to determine whether your posts should be put up or not in the news feed of your page as well as your follower’s page and what should be their position.

Edgerank measures

  • The affinity between you and your followers
  • How links, video, images, and content engages the reader
  • And the time of the post

All these aspects impact the marketing strategy of your Facebook Business page which makes it so important to understand Edgerank.

8 what is search engine optimization ? Why it is important ?

Seo (Search engine optimization) Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. SEO refers to the improvement of unpaid results and excludes direct traffic/visitors and the purchase of paid placement.

9  How we can effectively use linkedin for business?

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to boost business . As we all know linkedin have almost more than 500 million users .and this platform is widely used for professionals for jobs and building there brand image. The company must create posts that are relivent with its brand vision, engage the audience, and suits the platform. These posts can position the company as an industry leader and show its commitment towards its customers.

10. Why  blogging is important for our business ?

Blogging is the one of the widely used method of outreach. Through blogging one can reach to other influencer through posting blogs on different social media platforms. The content used in blogs are higly important to grab attention of your target audience and those quality keywords can be used for search engine optimization for better visibility of your website.

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