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Complete Guide for eBook publishing : By Mr Udai senapati

Everyone has areas of expertise and that requires lots of learning in life . There are people out there who value your Knowledge and wants to learn more . so, its time to turn your passion into a business and monetize your skills by selling eBooks online. its like packaging your knowledge and accessing a global audience using social media and selling your expertise and passion as a digital product. Blogging and eBooks are opening up fresh frontiers and huge opportunities to create online businesses.

According to survey there around

  • There are over 200 million people visiting Amazon.com every month.
  • Books is Amazon’s #5 bestseller category (after electronics, clothes, home, and beauty).

Our digital society relies on technology in almost every aspect of our everyday life – reading included! People are constantly on their mobile devices – whether that’s a phone or tablet – and this is how they consume information, and read, in today’s world.

Amazon is now responsible for 85% of eBook sales worldwide. This means as an author, if you are ready to publish, you need to learn how to self-publish with Amazon.

By self publishing with Amazon, you can reach the world’s largest book audience and earn up to 70% royalty on your eBooks.

Write your eBook

The key to selling eBooks is to write simply and clearly. People will buy your eBook because they want to learn how to do something. Start with the desired result (teaching an idea, skill, or process) and then work backward.

Create a structure and then organize your writing around it. Remember that you don’t have to write your whole eBook in one sitting.. Set yourself deadlines and focus on one chapter at a time – you can find more tips on cultivating an eBook workflow.

Select your topic wisely

Think about what you’re passionate about and what content would help your target audience. You also need an original edge. The best eBooks share a personal story or experiences. Why? A personal story is engaging, builds authority, and creates emotions with the reader.


 Get a Cover that Sells Your eBook

Buyers will judge your eBook by its cover. It may be attractive. meaningful. A attractive book cover suggests professionalism and gives customers a good sense that connects buyers to buy the product. so always try to make colorful, trendy, meaningful , with good visual


Create a promotional plan 

writing an eBook is not enough ,you have to market it properly to get a maximum reach. when you use a marketing tools to promote your eBooks you got maximum chances to connect with worldwide public and your promotional activities bring you lots of readers to buy your eBooks.

There are lots of promotional activities you can choose like the most trending one :digital marketing which definitely boost your business by reaching to maximum public in a short span .

Author Bio :

(Mr Udai senapati)

(Born  1964) is a writer, provident, Great thinker and director . At very early age Mr Udai entered in Film industry and established himself as a fine director . with the passing time he developed interest in art and culture of the country. Due to his keen interest towards writing he got a chance to write in different magazines and news publications. And finally he become editor of “Cine bhojpuriya” and “Bollywood dreams” a well known magazines of film industry. finally as time passes he thought of writing a book on FILM MAKING .which will definitely help all people related to film industry .

Vision : 

His vision is very crystal clear . Writing a book on Film making clears the gap between producers, directors, technicians, philosophers ,actors and society.this book is first time written and published from India. he describe about 22 chapters on different topics namely Film, History, Regional cinema, film producer, film director,script writer, costume designer, marketing etc. So, through his thoughts he will help all those rising talents who wants to learn and make carrier in film making .


Mr. Udai Senapati have been awarded with lots of awards for his publications. here are some glimpse of his hard work.

















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