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Compound Bow Releases: Shooting Tips for Beginners

When you’re first starting out with archery, there is a lot to learn. You have to choose the type of bow for you, find your draw weight, and learn the correct stance. There are strings to buy, equipment to learn, and targets to find. Learning something new always has its unique challenges.

If you have chosen the compound bow as your bow of choice, that’s great! We’re confident you’re going to love the sport as much as we do. 

What is a Bow Release?

A bow release, or trigger, is a device that allows an archer to release a bowstring with more accuracy and less effort than drawing it back with your fingers. The trigger can be a simple lever, or it can be a more complex piece of equipment that includes a mechanical device to pull back the string and hold it while you aim. The most important thing to remember when learning how to shoot with a compound bow release is to stay calm and relaxed and to make sure your grip is not too tight. Having too tight of a grip can cause you to get tired quickly and result in less accurate shots. 

Another thing that beginners should do when learning how to shoot a compound bow is to start with targets that are as close as possible. This will help you learn how to aim and adjust for the distance of the target. As your comfort grows, increase the distance between you and the target. 

Types of Bow Releases

Wrist Release

A wrist release is the preferred type of release for many archers, especially for hunters and beginners. This type of compound bow release is popular because there are many variations available, and they attach around your wrist, allowing you to pull back using your arm rather than holding onto it with your fingers. It is important to note that you do not touch the string at all with this type of release.

Thumb Button Release

A lot of archers have a thumb button release. This is a type of release with a thumb button that you press to release the string. This style of release is easy to learn and it is more accurate than a wrist release or a finger release.


A tension-activated type of compound bow release is one that is pulled back with a string and has a curved part with a metal loop. The release consists of two parts: the trigger and the rest. The trigger is pulled back until it is caught at the end of the rest, and then when an arrow needs to be released, the trigger is pushed with the index finger. 

Choose the Right Release

Choosing the right compound bow release for beginners is of utmost importance. If you are left-handed, get a left-handed or ambidextrous release. If you are right-handed, get a right-handed release. Also, consider the size of your hand and how much force it takes to depress the trigger before deciding on a type of release. Use these simple compound bow shooting tips to up your game.

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