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Crazy About Coffee 4 Tips for Preventing a Stained Smile

Crazy About Coffee? 4 Tips for Preventing a Stained Smile

Who doesn’t love a cup of joe? Coffee culture is as strong as the brews we rely on to get us out of bed every morning. But drinking too much coffee can really put a damper on our smiles. The dark pigments in coffee get caught in our tooth enamel, which leads to yellowing and those telltale coffee stains we desperately want to get rid of. 

It’s a nasty cycle, though. You buy some whitening strips from the convenience store, relish in the pearly magnificence of your new grin, and then immediately start sipping on your iced coffee. Rather than treating coffee stains after they appear, it’s best to take some preventative measures and ensure you can enjoy your favorite blend without sacrificing a bright smile. 

Rinse and Brush

Many people brush their teeth before drinking their morning coffee. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s also essential (if you wish to prevent discoloration) to rinse your mouth and brush your teeth after you finish your cup of joe. Even if you’re at work by the time you relish those last few drops, head to the bathroom with a toothbrush. That way, you can lift any stain-causing residue before it has a chance to settle in. 

Add Milk

Milk lightens the color of the liquid, which makes it less likely to stain, and it includes plenty of protein, which is good for your teeth. The protein in cow milk binds to the stain-inducing chemical compounds called polyphenols in coffee. Instead of clinging to your teeth, the coffee moves swiftly to your stomach. 

Drink through a Straw

You might not find the experience as savory as taking a big gulp of your favorite coffee in the morning, but a straw can help spare your teeth from coffee stains. Usually, when we drink from a mug or thermos, the coffee washes over our entire mouth. With a straw, the contact is reduced, resulting in fewer stains. 

Maintain Regular Check-ups

Oral health plays a large role in the condition of your smile. Even those of us who have naturally straight, strong teeth can fall prey to stains and tooth decay. Regular cleanings are more than just about removing plaque; routine visits to a dental clinic ensure that your oral health is in good standing. A dentist can help you strengthen and restore enamel, protect your teeth, and prevent gum disease. 

You don’t have to give up coffee to maintain a bright and healthy smile. You can enjoy your favorite morning drink while also avoiding tooth discoloration. Practicing proper dental hygiene, finding new ways to sip, and visiting the dentist regularly can help prevent stains and keep your smile sparkling.

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