Do you really want to know about Diesel email campaign success strategy? then read this whole case study till end and you will get the exact strategy did by company to achieve outstanding result through there email campaign.

Diesel a well established and renowned international lifestyle company who producing worldwide wide ranging collection of jeans ,clothes and other accessories .company established in 1978 and gaining its strength every year.as company grows there marketing strategy always changes,this time company goes with digital strategy just like Peter England did to capture customer base .

company wants to increase customers base to there nearest outlets for there new collection arriving.now company planned to imperilment a digital strategy to capture there target audience ,as we all know this is digital era and nothing goes viral more than   digital.but here question is how to implement digital strategy ? and what platform to use ? Diesel email campaign success strategy ?



  • company decided to  run email campaign
  • promote sales and increase traffic to customer nearest outlets
  • Grow  Diesel’s database by hosting a competition where consumers can enter and stand a chance to win a Rs 10 000 shopping experience



company collaborated with digitalfire

a digital specialist company who helps diesel to run there email campaign strategically. The interactive viral promo mailer was designed by Digital Fire. The mailer consisted of three pages:


PAGE 1:  The top part of the mailer consist of search feature ,where a user can click and search diesel nearest outlets.The bottom part showcased competition showcased how user can click and enter into questioner page ,where they can fill their details and got chance to get prize .

Page 1


PAGE 2:  Micro site (questioner page) 

2nd page will ask user about there details ,when user fill all the details in order to stand a chance to win . Digital Fire captured the entries that will be passed on to Diesel at the end of the campaign.


Page 2


PAGE 3:  Thank you page

A thank you page was shown to users ,once they gone through  2nd page .and this page will show you the message of sharing information to your friends.as many share you will do more it will receive exposure.

Page 3


RESULT:  Through this email campaign strategy by digitalfire ,guess what was the result diesel got.

  • 34.52% Open Rate
  • 7.24% Interactive Response Rate
  • 9.30% Viral Response Rate
  • 9.40% Click-through Rate

that’s incredible result for diesel after doing email campaign and choosing right company digitalfire .

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