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Different ways to promote your business and brand online by using Instagram.

In today’s time, 200 million users visit at least one business profile website every day and more than 25 million companies are promoting their business on Instagram already.

After Facebook, Instagram is the second most popular social media site of all time. It helps your business as well as your brand to reach till the customers efficiently.


How can you take advantage of less competition on Instagram?


Do you have a small business but you want to bring your business to the online market? then you can promote your business online by using Instagram. however, Instagram is currently the most visible and used social networking website, but still small businesses do not use Instagram. this means that you can promote your business on Instagram and there is very less competition for your business.

If you want to do your business on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, then you will find many more competitors promoting the same business. But on the other side, if you look on to Instagram, you will find very less competing businesses.


Keep an easy username for your business:


Keep a good and an easy name for your business profile, this can be searched easily by the user and makes easy to read. If your username is something different and a bit tricky, or having name not related to your business, then you need to change it as soon as possible, otherwise, your business may lose profit. Username plays an important role in promoting your business on Instagram. So keep these points in mind while selecting username for your business.


Create Easy and Unique Bio:


Bio is such a place where you need to include your short description, business location, business website and many other information. But the important thing is that you will get only 150 words to make your bio, so it is crucial that you make your bio meaningful and correct which reflects your business.

Never leave the bio empty, instead fill it completely and put some info about your business so that it helps you to attract various customers. this will give an idea to your followers about what your business is exactly about.


To get more customers and traffic to your website, include at least one link in your bio:


There is only one chance to add your business website on Instagram. you can put your website link under your bio. This will make it easily available to the users to click and visit your site. place your website’s URL at the top of the Instagram page under your name so it is more visible and easy to click. so always remember to include a link to your online business or a landing page on your Instagram page. You can similarly add your site link on other social media channels. This all small things will help in managing social media channels.


Use Instagram Story feature:


If you are promoting your business on Instagram, then you should know that there’s a feature available which offers you to publish a story on Instagram. This is placed at the top of your page, and anyone who is watching your story can see different posts on the same timeline.

on your story feature, you can add many different strings together using multiple and different image to tell your complete story. One thing you should remember is that your story will be shown only for 24 hours and after that it will disappear automatically.


Do not forget to announce new offers for your followers:


You can provide new offers to your followers and retain them by keeping them always engaged. To make your offer reach your followers, you need to create attractive banners of the offer that you would like to display. It should also include some text messages regarding the offers, sales and discounts on the banner to grab your follower’s attention. For example, you can provide offers on your services and brands during special occasions, holidays, sales week etc. This will grab the attention of your followers and makes them to visit your page or your site.


Do not forget to tag other people: 


If you upload a new post related to your business and product, then do not forget to tag its related pages and if you are using any other brand in your image then don’t forget to tag it too.

whatever you are tagging, your photos are also visible in their profile, and it is easy to that your post reaches to new customers. And whenever people check their profile, it also shows them your photo, which you have tagged so it also promotes your brand too.


Submit new posts on your page daily:


Your daily new posting is compulsory for your page to be famous on Instagram. The feed of Instagram is constantly changing and refreshing. so you have to remember that you post regularly to get more customers, so it is necessary to post often. 

remember this, if you do not post frequently then your customer can opt to some other brand.

All your posts should be attractive to the customer.


Promote your Instagram page on other social media channels as well:


If you want to promote your Instagram page, then it is a good way to start its cross-promotion. You can take the help of any other social media website to promote your Instagram page. For example, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Facebook is the most popular social website of all time. 2.1 billion people use Facebook

if you promote your Instagram page on Facebook, then you have a chance of getting more customers for your business, and more traffic can be found on your website. You should keep your social media icons above or below your website because the address of the social site is easily available to your customers.




Instagram has become the new popular social website, 111 billion plus people are involved in using Instagram who are always scrolling, and it is easy to do business promotion on Instagram by opening your business page. It can get new customers for your business.

If you also have a business and you want to promote it on Instagram, you can contact a good digital marketing agency. who can help you with all this.


Bio: Hello, this is William French, a Digital Marketing Executive at Amplify Media+Marketing, an integrated marketing agency serving clients internationally.  I like reading books, playing indoor games and travelling, Writing blogs

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