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Drinking Green Tea Can Strengthen Your Teeth

This tea which is not being processed has been known contrary to popular belief. It is an excellent ingredient that can make your oral health better. It also helps in maintaining the whiteness of the teeth. This drink is completely different from coffee and tea which are responsible majorly for yellowing of teeth. In substitution of these drinks, green tea has evolved with a massive following as it is a healthy option for your physical, mental and oral health.

Benefits of Green tea on oral health:

One of the most affected lately is green tea, because it is diuretic, it helps maintain good body weight, have healthy skin, among other characteristics. But what many people do not know is that it is also useful for healthy teeth and gums.

There are studies and research that support this information, several scientific articles have been published where the results show when comparing groups of people who drink this tea and others who do not, those who drink green tea affected better oral health.

Green tea includes a few compounds which will help to limit the inflammation and infections that you can see in the dental clinic that is caused by the harmful bacteria that are generated. The anti-inflammatory power of green tea keeps the gums healthy, while it can also reduce bleeding. A mayor gum heals less chance of tooth loss.

Green tea turns to be a healing agent:

This is a true healing agent which is full of benefits that you find with the help of different research conducted on it. The powerful antioxidants and bacteria are responsible for protecting the teeth and its adhering. This tea has fluoride which helps in making a protection layer over the teeth and makes the enamel of the tooth and prevents decaying. Green tea is a bit softer in taste compared to other drinks which are a great combination where taste and oral health both are maintained.

Another important fact is that green tea is a natural source of fluoride, which helps us to have stronger teeth and achieve the process of dental re-mineralization when the teeth have been exposed to some episode of mineral loss. Many refuse green tea because they do not like the taste, if applicable, you can buy pastes and mouthwashes based on this tea or chew gum made with it.

This herbal tea which is not processed becomes an ally for our oral health. The green offers many advantages to preserve your dental capital which is also suggested in the nearby dental clinic when you pay a visit.

Results on teeth with green tea:

1. Prevention of cavities: As this tea will decrease the number of harmful bacteria, saliva and its acidity and dental plaque, it can also be said an important asset in the prevention of caries. There was a recent study carried out where rinsing green tea for 5 min will help as all the acids get released and will make the tea more light. All dentists will confirm you more than drinking green tea and preventive virtues on caries while searching for a dental clinic near me.

2. Maintained health of Gums: There are a few anti-inflammatory properties in this healthy tea which will help in avoiding gum disease. There are many studies carried that show how drinking green tea will help you have healthy gums. One of these studies came up with similar results with people chewing candy also having extracts of green tea in it.

3. Prevention from losing teeth: A study carried out by expert researchers came across the fact that both genders who drank green tea for one or two times will have fewer chances of having any damage in teeth.

What foods to avoid to keep white teeth?
To keep white teeth, avoid excess wine. At once acidic and rich in tannins, wine is known to color teeth. Be careful, white wine is also bad for your teeth! A study at a renowned dental clinic found that white wine does not stain the teeth directly but promotes color fixation if you then consume other beverages such as coffee or cola.

Black tea also contains a lot of tannins, even more than coffee. It is therefore important to rinse your mouth after your tasting.

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