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Dwayne johnson coming with new fitness reality show

yes ,you are right.Dwayne Johnson coming with new fitness reality show on television. stop whatever you are doing just pull ups your socks and ready for greatest fitness reality show ever .so start hitting gym and playing other sports for fitness as in this show fitness really matters.

“The Rock” Johnson is bringing a fitness competition to NBC, and it’s currently accepting applications. The three obvious questions here are as follows:

1. What kind of fitness competition is this?

2. What exactly does one have to do to get on The Rock’s fitness reality show?

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The idea behind The Titan Games is to “offer everyday people the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete in epic head-to-head challenges designed to test mind, body and heart,” so its complete fitness challenge and we have to see at what level you have to face the fitness challenge and at what level of hurdles are there to face.

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In recent tv shows he announced his upcoming fitness reality show “the titan games ” 

Another question, what kind of chance does a regular guy (or gal) have of getting on the show?  all a person has to do is submit a three-minute video describing themselves and showing off their fitness. There’s also opportunity to write a bit more about yourself, and then, of course, there’s a small “fitness test” to complete on camera. It has three parts: a core test (hold a plank for as long as possible); an endurance test (jump rope  for two minutes); and a strength test. The strength test is a descending ladder  of pull-ups and push ups, starting with five of each, then four of each, all the way down to one rep of each.

So ,just wait and watch for new updates of this fitness reality show.although every one is excited to be a part of this fitness show .

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