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Endless Running Games Online: Geometry Dash

The genre of platformers is one of the oldest in video game history. Geometry Dash by Robert Topala (aka RobTop) sticks to the best traditions of Rayman and Super Mario Bros and mixes them with gorgeous pixel art, chiptune music, and hardcore flavor of unstoppable runners. It’s obviously nerve-taking. It’s definitely difficult. And it’s enormously engrossing. It is a cross-platform runner arcade game, where you simply have to jump a square character to pass levels. Well, not as simple as it looks like… Let’s dive into features with this comprehensive Geometry Dash review!

Pixel + Pixel = Wow!
From the first look, it’s quite difficult to call it graphics as everything is simply square, but after a few seconds, these low-poly arts start to amaze you. Each level includes unique visual effects which strive to confuse you. Even though you see plain colorful shapes, designers managed to maintain your interest and make you scream in amazement bordering with despair. At GamesMojo.com we agreed that GD is a unique example of a game that juggles concepts, shapes, millions of colors. I’ve never thought that it’s possible to squeeze so much visual power out of 2 dimensions and a basic color board. RobTop did it. My congrats!

RobTop released the full version which has 21 levels and greased them with 3 stormy spin-offs, such as Meltdown (3 levels), World (2 worlds with 5 levels in each), and SubZero (3 levels + 1 secret). All of them include different effects and catchy interactive objects. All in all, it’s not only about hardcore but also about admiration. Each graphical element is totally relevant, has its meaning, and precisely worked physical properties. Fair 10 of 10 as amazement is guaranteed.

Tap, Tap, Don’t Go Mad (Well, click, but “tap” rhymes better)
Now it’s all clear with visuals, so let’s look at the actual gameplay. Oh, it’s driving me nuts, but can’t let go with peace. Only war, only madness. As I already mentioned, the original GD had 7 (eventually updated to 21 levels) and 3 spin-off games with 16 more. I handled all 37 to have a complete view, so my GamesMojo.com advice is not to buy them all at once. Take time, test your luck, and patience in the original 21 levels. If you’re cool enough to run them through and remain hungry, then buy the spin-offs as they are really impressive. Moreover, you can try millions of user-generated levels that may be considered are DLCs. Some of them are very good.

Ok. In GD you play a geometrical figure which is a simple square, but you can customize it by buying skin icons and upgrades with points you score. The icon range is huge, so you have to replay levels to get them all. It also includes categories, such as squares, rockets, sticky circles, spiders, UFOs, arrows, and the robot. Each shape comes in certain places of levels and requires you to change focus and click tempo. It goes like this every level, but there’s not even a smell of boredom.

The basic level goes like this. You have endless tries to learn all twists of the level. Only after that, you will be able to complete it. Actually, each stage takes not more than a couple of minutes, but preparation may take from 20 to 70 tries. It depends on how patient you are.

All audios were recorded exclusively for this game by 10 DubStep and EDM DJs, and all levels go in rhythm.

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