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Frog stand Planche progression -best body balance workout

Frog stand  is basically a yoga position and widely used in gymnastics to develop strength with focused balancing skills. and this workout mainly refer as first phase of the Planche development. all you need is you have to hold this position for at least 1 minute. When learning the progression exercises you may prefer to use parallettes or push-up bars .the basic technique for frog stand is stand with your hands on the ground, close to your feet. Tuck your Knees high on to triceps and slowly take your body weight above the ground level and take support of your knees to balance the body weight.

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Basic fundamentals for Frog stand:

  • Fingers forward
  • Fingers to the side
  • Fingertips hold
  • Flat hand
  • Arms should be straight, with the elbows locked out.
  •  Muscles engaged forming a straight line down the body, parallel to the ground.
  •  Hold the hips level with the shoulders (practice this throughout the progression training). Bring the legs close together for a full planche.

Frog stand  progression :

  1. Movement: Begin with your hands on the floor, and slowly and carefully raise your legs up and around the sides of your arms.
  2. Frog Stand – This is the starting point of planche training.  Assume a full squat position and place your hands on the ground, in front of the feet. The knees should be resting against the elbows for support. Lean forward, taking weight onto the hands. With training you will be able to remove the feet entirely from the ground.
  3. Position -Lean forward into the hold taking the weight onto the hands so the feet are raised completely from the floor. Beginners may not be able to lift the feet entirely off the ground but with regular practice balance and strength skills will develop to accommodate the exercise

Results :

  1. Develops balance and strength skills required for hand-balancing movements such as handstand or planche
  2. Core stabilizing muscle development
  3. Strength gain in arms, shoulders, abs & back
  4. gives you perfect body balance


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