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Full body towel workout

Looking for strong muscles and fitness can never be difficult if you have serious will to achieve your goals . If you have single tea towel then you can make your self in perfect shape by doing certain series of workouts.

A simple bathroom towel can make a difference in your workout just you have to follow certain instructions and then you can do these workouts anytime and anywhere to make your body fit and fine. If you cant afford a expensive membership in gym or don’t have much space at your home then don’t worry I have a solution for you through this video blog. and with these workouts ,there are no more excuses.

These towel workouts can per performed at any hard surface with some space to perform these activities. You can add these towel activities in your daily workouts depending upon your fitness and will to do. While using traditional fitness equipment’s like dumbbells, rods , extension wire etc. can be costly but you can choose clever alternative that gives you results so, whether you are at home, hotel or some relative house then you can use some creative things like towels etc. to perform your workout effectively.

The main fundamental to use towel is that is free wight workout and you can focus more on your body weight rather than using heavy weights for exercise. Because your own body weight is best  and excellent tool  you can utilise to challenge your body. “By using Your own body weight and resistance from towel you can tone your muscles perfectly “

Here are few towel workout i have shown to get you started and give you an idea about how you can use simple towel for home workout.

Progression :

1. Hold the towel and grab it tight with both the hands relax your shoulders down and .do a angular twist and start rotating your hands from front to behind at an angle of 10-20 degree and you will feel pressures at your upper back and shoulders simultaneously. Continue this rotation for next 2 minutes.

2. In next activity you can do side streching that means you can hold the towel with both hands and tilt your hands at both sides with an angle of 180 degree. that particularly strech your upper arms , shoulders ,upper back effectively.

3. Now in next section you can grab towel and make a v shape angle and try to touch your both feets with your hands and make a v shape angle from both sides that will definitely make huge difference at you waste line .

4. Looking for some serious weight loss then try next activity where you have to hold the towels end which is already been entangled from wardrobe. stick your feet and lean your body towards wardrobe  and you will feel tension at your core level

5. Try next one which will focus more on upper back .lay down on floor hold towel from both ends and firmly raise you upper part of body at an angle of 30 degree and by this you are really focusing on upper back and shoulders simultaneously

Towel workout encourages weight loss and also helps to effectively cure your back aches. it strengthen your core muscles ,Back pain and reduce the layer of fat muscles at your belly point. do these activities just to activate your joints , it specially work on your mobility and strength. These workouts keeps you healthy makes your joints active , improves your blood circulation


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