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Funding for biz

Funding for Biz now a reality Just by a Text

This age of the 21st century is characterised by the most bizarre ideas coming into the magical implementation in the form of various businesses getting started.

Whether it is a hotel or restaurant business or any other start-upstart-up, for sure, the trend of the significant number of youths settling for the job in hand, in the long run, is going away.

The millennials are no longer attracted to the 9-hour jobs in cubicles, stuck with giving away their own life and time towards the dream and accomplishment of someone else, their employers.

Instead, they have developed, during the years spent in the academic corner, a nerve and intelligence to decide for themselves regarding what to become in life and in which direction should one’s efforts should be employed.


The youths are ready to take the risk and have the courage to leap on an idea, seemingly to be marketable and bankable in the long run.

Support of associates and longtime friends in the same field, the conviction, and acumen to start and establish something, in whichever level is also the same for women these days.

Women of this day, no longer restrict themselves to their homes but want to contribute towards the earn ability factor of their family and husband and are educated and smart enough to pursue their dream and passion.

Whatever it might be from starting a school for the disabled or a tuition centre or even a start-up has an idea in the IT sector. All are to accommodate their enthusiasm towards something meaningful and fruitful in the long run.


But, all this is very easy to state and extremely difficult to implement.

Having it all for starting and establishment of all this is an unseeingly void picture.

Yeah, Ideas, thoughts, supporters, good economic and legal environment to legally sanction and establish it, are all evident and present.

But the main factor which determines the direction of the venture is the funds’ procurement for the implementation of the same.

Finding an aspect of any venture of business is not gendered biased, for both man and woman, only by having the right amount of required funds that the investment despite starting, gets developed and matured in the long run.

So, in this case, funding assistance in the form of loans is beneficial and handy in filling up small gaps in funding requirements.


The standard banking system is ever available for dispersing various types of funds for multiple purposes. Still, then it has no options for people having low credit score, creditworthiness or even an impending debt to be paid out.

The strict terms and conditions of the traditional lenders do not accommodate the funding requirement of people from the marginalised sector by way of the mandate for mortgage or any other kind of collateral.

Mini text loans are here to fill this gap to enable every person from all facets of the society to borrow short term personal funds and start their endeavour with passion and better direction, eventually to prosper it in the long run.


What wonder does the right amount of financing in any stage does in the domain of business?

Starting from renting a small office place, employee needed professionals, buying furniture, raw materials for manufacturing, research to test the marketability of the idea to the real making of the product or service and its ultimate selling for profit.

Accompanied with this will also be the requirement of a funding backup for the next stage of business, which is growth and maturity.

In this stage, requirements of employing more personnel, their training expenses, bigger office space, warehouse for storage, latest manufacturing machines, infusing better technology would fall.


The modus operandi is that as and when the startup idea gets better with each stage, more assistance is given in the form of funds in various stages and tranches starting from seed funding to all growth and matured level of funding.

Each stage in the funding process signifies each type of work getting completed in business, as no one starts as an expert in any field.

Some mistakes might happen, corrected nicely and then proceeded to the next stage with the help of a better infusion of funds till the final stage of the actual sale and the eventual repayment of the borrowed funds.

To sum it all, funding for various kinds of businesses in any field whether being starting a production house, book writing, movie-making, goods and services like even tuition centre, cook, beauty parlour and many more have become with the advent of mini text loans.

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