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Here Are 10 Steps To Organize A Virtual Birthday Party

A person celebrating their birthday with loved ones virtually.


You probably thought that the pandemic would get over by the time your birthday would arrive, right?  But unfortunately, the universe had something else planned. Now, you’d have to follow all the safety norms to prevent yourself from getting affected by the coronavirus. This can be extremely disheartening. Who doesn’t want to enjoy their special day with their loved ones? A birthday without that Happy Birthday jingle filled with laughter and giggles of our moral supporters just doesn’t feel right. But the past few months have made us realize the importance of following social distancing.  


You came up with the perfect idea of a virtual celebration but you’re probably clueless and don’t know where to start. Well, we are here to gladly tell you that the right solution to this dilemma lies in our article. We have curated a list of 10 easy steps that will help you in organizing your perfect virtual birthday party!  


This can be highly useful if your toddler has their birthday in the upcoming month. Making them understand the complexity of this situation might be a tedious task for you. But, you needn’t worry because the following steps will guide you to an enrapturing celebration. That too without compromising your safety. 


So without wasting any more time, let’s quickly jump into the discussion.  


STEP 1- Layout a Party Plan 


When you are organizing a virtual birthday party, it is necessary that you lay out a specific plan. Make sure you comprise all the activities that you want to include in your birthday party. If you’re organizing it for your children, make sure that you ask them what type of activities they want to include. This will enhance your overall experience and let us be honest, virtual meeting with all our loved ones will be a new experience for everyone!  So, carefully plan out everything in advance to avoid last moment chaos.  


STEP 2- Don’t Forget to Decorate  


We know that your friends and family wouldn’t be able to join you physically. But that does not mean you have to miss out on the most exciting part about the celebration, The birthday decorations! 


Add a little glitter here and there, including balloons, and set up your favorite lighting. This will enhance your birthday party and within a minute you will be engrossed in cheerful conversations with your family. 


Decorations instantly uplift the mood and will make your birthday complete. So, make all your preparations and get ready to have a virtual blast!  


STEP 3- Curate a Guest List   


The most important aspect of a birthday celebration is deciding who will be a part of it. Make a list of all the guests that you want to invite to your special celebration. Obviously, you don’t want to miss out on some very important guests. Therefore, a guest list would help you in organizing this entire procedure easily. It would also avoid any last-minute havoc and guarantee a seamless procedure.  


STEP 4- Choose an Ideal Event  


Virtual birthday celebrations do not have to be the same old boring gossip get-togethers. You can add an exciting twist to this celebration by opting for some virtual entertainment opportunity available out there. Let us discuss one amazing and thrilling virtual birthday celebration idea:   


  • Escape Rooms


Escape room centers now provide their mesmerizing gaming adventures virtually. It is extremely easy to partake in their bewildering games. You and your entire family can submerge yourself in these bemusing rooms and their twisted storyline. This will not only engage you completely but will also give you an experience like never before. Escape rooms are highly budget-oriented therefore, you will not have to worry about the prices. So, make sure you book a virtual escape room this time and add a mysterious pinch to your celebration. 


STEP 5- Send Out Invitations  


Once the list has been finalized and you have decided the perfect activity suitable for your birthday party. You should send out the invitations. Inviting and informing your guests about this virtual meet is important. So that they don’t miss out on any family fun. 


You can choose to send the invitation via any social media platform. You can also easily drop them a message or maybe give them a call. This unexpected surprise would undoubtedly excite all your guests. Any celebration in their warm and cheerful aura would be exhilarating.  


STEP 6- Add a Dress Code 


You can enhance the level of your birthday party by adding some extraordinary dress codes. You can theme it according to your preferences. You can have a pajama party, a full-fledged formal meet party, a traditional party and even a Halloween themed party. It totally depends upon you. Additionally, a dress code will make all the family members feel included. Judging and mocking each other’s costumes would be a wonderful time filled with clattering laughter and treasurable memories. 


STEP 7- Spice it up with Props 


You can also spice up your celebration by including some props or elements. For example, if you are opting for a virtual escape room birthday party, you can decide on bringing some notebooks and pens to help keep a track of all the clues. If you are planning to have a virtual movie marathon, you can inform all your guests to bring their popcorn bucket. This will add an immersive angle to the entire experience. So, next time when you’re organizing a virtual birthday party, make sure to add some unique elements to it. 


STEP 8- Virtual Cake 


How can you forget the most important part of a birthday celebration? The cake! Now we know that all your friends and family wouldn’t be there to smash it all on your face. But it shouldn’t stop you from getting a cake for yourself. You can tell all your guests to light a candle and blow it along with you. This will undeniably be an emotional moment that will add to the exuberant aura of your birthday celebration. 


STEP 9- Sit Back and Enjoy  


Lastly, do not forget to enjoy every moment to the fullest. Virtual celebrations have drastic potential. And you can enjoy each and every bit of this virtual meet. So don’t forget to sit back and relax, give your mind a fresh breather and take a look at all the happy faces of your loved ones. Their warm smiles will melt your heart within a twinkling of an eye. It’ll make you forget about all your worries. So, enjoy this mesmerizing experience and keep in mind that it is your special occasion. 


Step 10 – The Perfect Gift



We have mentioned all the essential points of organizing a virtual birthday party. But what if you are invited to a virtual birthday celebration? The most confusing thing is to decide on a flawless gift. But don’t worry as we have got your back!


You can gift them a ticket to their favourite escape room, a Netflix subscription, or an online gift voucher of their #1 brand. 


You can also opt for a virtual greeting card customized as per your requirements. 

So what are you waiting for? Decide on what you want and get ready to have a fantastic time! 




Amidst the pandemic, virtual meetings are the perfect alternative available to individuals. Virtual events not only allow us to celebrate any occasion but they can be utilized from any corner of the world. A virtual meet is perfect for a birthday party.  


In the above article, we have carefully scrutinized all the important steps that are to be performed to curate a mesmerizing birthday party. Follow these easy pointers and you will have a memorable encounter to cherish for your lifetime. 


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