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Here’s How to Choose a Perfect Color Scheme for your Website

Here’s How to Choose a Perfect Color Scheme for your Website

Your brand color is vital among all the factors of branding. It tells how your audience will perceive your brand. Think of the world’s famous brand and their color palette. You’ll see them resonating with the brand identity completely. Examples include KFC, Facebook, McDonald’s, Dell, and so on.


When it comes to website building, your color scheme is the most crucial factor which you can’t afford to neglect. That’s why the successful web designing companies in Dubai spend 80 percent of their time in choosing the perfect color combination for their websites.


A distinct color scheme makes you different from the rest and helps in building a solid brand identity. If you choose rainbow colors for your website, it will become complex for customers to think of a single color when they name your website.


Therefore, the color of the website should depict the brand tone completely and should correlate with your brand value.


If you don’t want to fall below the curve while picking the color theme for your website, here are some essential tips you must follow.


  1. Know the Psychology of Colors


Every color has a meaning. Blue is considered best for businesses as it conveys trust, professionalism, and security. While green depicts health and is mostly associated with the peace symbol. Similarly, all colors have their psychology, and using them on your website will convey the meaning to your audience.


When you’re launching your website, it’s essential that you know the psychology of all colors and which color best fits in your frame. 


  1. Consider your Audience Demographic


The second step is thinking about your target audience. Who are they? What is their gender? What are their ages? And what attracts them?


These questions are a checklist to convey the emotions you want to arouse with your brand colors. Think of all the colors and entwined with your brand. For example, if you’re a food and health company, then green is a cherry pick for your company.  


  1. Think of the Gender


It doesn’t apply to all the websites, but some companies own a gender-specific product. For example, Gillette is solely dedicated to men and they have the blue and white theme for their website. Consider the fact that blue is the color for men.   


If your product caters women requirements, then think of the color that appeals to them such as pink, red or orange. 


That’s how thinking of gender is important when you start creating your website.


  1. Choose the accent Colors


When you have decided the primary colors for your website, you need accent colors to make it interesting. Some websites don’t rely on the solo color, they go with a contrast. It helps in highlighting the best parts of your website like the top-selling features, buttons or headers.


Accent color also known as ‘conversion color’ should have the ability to stand out. For example, if your primary colors are light, you can choose a little darker shade as an accent color. It catches audience attention in a glance and helps them to figure out the unique element on your website. Sometimes, it’s a great strategy to use the accent color on the call-to-action button.


Remember the motive is to engage your audience instead of scaring them, so it’s better to try some color palette on a default website to take an idea of the scheme. If you can’t make the perfect combination try to consult any digital marketing company in Dubai and seek their advice. 


Over to You


You don’t need to be a creative artist to pick the best color themes for your website. You only need to know the psychology of colors and ways to relate it with your audience. 


Remember, no one can perform this part better than you, so give your heart and soul for creating the best color theme for your website. Use some color testing tools and filter the ones which suit your brand the best. If possible, take the second opinion on the color scheme you choose. Go live only when you are hundred percent satisfied with the color theme of your website. 


What is your business and how you would like the color theme of your website? Let’s Discuss! 



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