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Home Office Ideas: Interior Design, Décor, and Layout Tips – Updated

Creating a new home office, choosing a design can be the most difficult step. Themes, colors, even style of the furniture can be a snap once the design is fleshed out, especially if you use the home maker guide. And choosing the design is more than just what goes where. It is also your vision for a productive area that is also a pleasure to work in.

A home office opens up possibilities that a traditional workplace cannot. You can decorate it however you choose, or have the TV going with a news ticker all day. You can even come to work in pajama pants or have a lunch date with the wife at a table just for that purpose. The options are endless.

Picking Your Home Office Needs

There are a few things you will need to be productive in your home office. A desk is absolutely necessary. If you have a design, this is when you pick your home office furniture sets. The mind works better with continuity, so you definitely want to stick with similar wood tones.

Lighting is key. Home office lighting varies based on what you do for a living. For a novelist, a simple desk light, and maybe some tract lighting for the surrounding bookshelves, is all they need. For someone who has meetings in their home, a grander lighting set up is better.

Along with your home office furniture, and if you expect to have meetings there, some tables, chairs, or maybe a couch could be good. But nothing so comfortable that you might be tempted to nap. But not so uncomfortable that your guest will resent taking meetings there.


Now that the furniture and larger concerns are in place, let’s talk décor. Do you love art? Do you like tribal masks from remote locations? Do you love the Pittsburgh Steelers? Then you have something to add to your home office wall décor. It’s your space. Make it your own. Just don’t go overboard. A little goes a long way.

You need items for your desk. How about a clock, or a sculpture? What about a special home office keyboard and mouse set? They make some that are not only interesting, but very eclectic. You don’t have to use that old black and boxy model. Get something fun, but functional.

Location, Location

Where will everything go? If you have a window, having your desk face it is a nice way to get a view and not be cooped up. If the view is distracting, the window will offer natural light, and have the same open effect. The same applies to any chairs put in the office for reading. A window is a great way to enjoy a relaxing space.



Make it your own. If you want to look in magazines or websites for inspiration, go for it, but it has to speak to who you are. Love industrial? Then add some pipes and distressed wood. Love steampunk? Brass and clockwork everywhere, please. It is your home office. Why is it going to tell you not to make it great?  Literally no one. So, go a little crazy. But not too crazy. It’s an area for working, not a playpen for children. Have you decorated and designed your perfect workspace?



Author’s Bio:

Kevin is a content writer for about 3 years. He studied Design and Arts at College in Pennsylvania. A fan of home interior design and, he has taken it upon himself to spread his love for decorating homes by informing people on some of his ideas through his articles.

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