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How to Choose a Gun Holster for Hiking

Choosing the right holster is challenging; especially when you throw in variables from an active lifestyle. For the avid hiker, there are a lot of elements to consider to ensure you have a practical carrying solution. If you need help deciding on the best gun holster for hiking, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Ensure Your Handgun Remains Secure

Your top priority when choosing a new holster should always be whether it will keep your firearm secure. The last thing you need is your firearm to shift with movement and accidentally discharge. You also don’t want it sliding out of your holster and falling to the trail as you traverse the terrain. The ideal gun holster for hiking helps to keep your sidearm firmly in place against your body no matter how you move.

Get a Holster that Adapts with You

Another important factor to consider is flexibility. While you don’t want a pliable holster, it’s useful to have one that gives you options in carrying style. When you are outside in the elements you have to be adaptable to changing conditions. Having a holster that can adapt with you is extremely important. Regardless if you choose a shoulder holster that can easily be tucked into a jacket in inclement weather or a waistband option that offers quick draw access, keeping you holster protected while maintaining your comfort is another top priority.

Field Test All Options First

One of the last, but most important, things to do when determining the best gun holster for hiking is to actually take your top choices and try them out in the field. Go for short walks, roughly half a mile in distance, during each test. If you plan to take on a rugged hike while carrying make sure your test has some rocky terrain and other elements included. You should look for how your holster shifts with movement, as well as protection and comfort. Going both uphill and downhill during your test can help you determine which style best suits your needs before taking on an extended journey.

Be Realistic About Potential Threats

Before you settle on your gun holster for hiking you need to be realistic about the threats you may encounter. Are you going to stick to more urban trails where the attack may come from another person? Or are you planning a wilderness hike where the danger will come from a wild animal? Figuring this out not only helps you determine the stopping power and (handgun type) you’ll need for your hike but also which holster you’ll need.

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