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How to Create Google Ads Campaign Structure Manager Account In 2021

Google Ads Manager is a tool that helps advertisers to streamline the advertising process. It allows brands to deliver ads to the audience at different locations from a single platform. But how do advertisers keep an eye on multiple Google Ads accounts, all with separate IDs and passwords? By creating a Google Ads manager account!

Google Ads manager account comes in extremely handy when you need to manage Google Ads accounts of multiple clients. It allows you to access all the accounts with just one login. In this article, we’ll talk about how to create a Google Ads manager account in 2021.

Google Ads Manager Account

As already discussed, a Google Ads campaign structure manager account lets you manage multiple Google Ads accounts with just one login. Google Ads has two types of accounts, i.e., an MCC account and an individual account.

Individual Google Ads Account

An individual account is a single client account used by companies for advertising or promoting their products and services. For example, Coca-Cola, Mahindra, etc., will create an individual Google Ads account for advertising what they have to offer.

MCC (My Client Center) Account

MCC or My Client Center Google Ads account is a manager account that helps advertisers to manage multiple accounts from one account. This type of account is used by marketing consultants or agencies that are marketing on behalf of their clients. For example, if you are a PPC professional who manages multiple Google Ads accounts, you should create an MCC account to make account management easy.

Now that you know what a Google Ads manager account is, you want to know how to create one.

How To Create Google Ads Manager Account?

Creating a Google Ads manager account is an easy process that takes just a few minutes. Below is how to create a manager account in Google Ads-

●        Visit the official Google Ads account page https://ads.google.com/home/tools/manager-accounts/. You will see a page, ‘Manage all your Google Ads accounts from one place.’

●        Click on the ‘Create a Manager Account’ button.

●        After you click this button, you will land on a page that requires you to enter your email ID, account name, and other account settings.


In this option, you need to enter the email address you like to create an Ad account. However, make sure that your email ID should be different from the one you have already used for Google Ads. In other words, the email ID must not be previously registered as a Google Ads account.

Account Name

Enter the valid name for your Google Ads manager account. It could be the name of your business, agency, consulting firm, etc.

How Will You Use Google Ads Manager Account

As a PPC marketing, your aim is to manage the Google Ads accounts of businesses. So, select the option ‘Manage other people’s accounts.’


Choose the country you are doing marketing from. In case you are marketing to a different country from your native country, choose the target country.

Currency & Time Zone

Choose the time zone and currency based on the country you have selected. Be careful while selecting your location, time zone, and currency, as you won’t be able to change these later.

●        After you have selected the credentials, accept the terms and conditions. And your Google Ads manager account is created.

How To Link Google Ads Account To The Manager Account?

Now that you have created a Google Ads manager account, the next step is to link it to the Google Ads account. Follow the following steps to do it-

●        Login to your Google Ads manager account.

●         You will see a dashboard. Click the ‘+’ button on the dashboard.

●        As soon as you click the plus button, you will find two options, i.e., create a new account or link the existing one.

●        Choose the ‘create a new account’ option.

●        Enter the unique 10-digit customer ID in the box and send a request to the client.

●        After sending the request, ask the client to click the ‘Account Access’ option and accept the request.

●         The client will accept your request.

●        The next step is to refresh the Google Ads manager account (MCC) screen. You will find your client’s account added to your manager account.

How Does Google Ads Manager Account (MCC) Help You?

Now you have created a Google Ads manager account, here is how it will benefit you-

Manage The Google Ads Accounts Effectively

Google Ads manager account provides you with a great solution to manage the Google Ads accounts more effectively. You can look at the statistics every day or other crucial data without wasting time on one account. This allows you to optimize the Ad campaigns timely.

Monitor Multiple Google Ads Accounts From Single Page

Whether you are a PPC advertiser or a digital marketing agency, chances are you are handling ten or more Google Ads accounts. It involves a lot of work. Moreover, remembering user IDs and passwords of all the accounts is a bit difficult. Google Ads manager account or MCC account combines all the accounts together under one umbrella, allowing you to access and manage all the accounts with a single login.

Study The History Of Each Account

The MCC account also helps you track the history of each Google Ads account. It could be anything, like campaign changes, or who has made these changes, etc. This helps you know what change was done to the campaign and what the results of those changes were. Besides, you can also see the email ID of the person who has done the changes and talks to them for further information.


Google Ads manager account helps you manage multiple Google Ads accounts using just one login. It helps boost the efficiency of your Ad campaign, saves you a lot of time, and lets you keep an eye on the campaigns. Now that you know how useful it can be to create your MCC account today to make your clients’ Google Ads accounts management easy.

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