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How to do L-sit pushups

When it come to the fundamentals of body we always talks about core.there are ample of workouts for making your ore strong. L-Sit is one of the workout we are taking in this blog. L-sit is not a easy workout its very challenging and requires your complete body strength.Yes, you need strength throughout your body (basically from head to toe), but you also need a fair amount of flexibility and control to perform it well.

Most of the people just found L-sit very hard or do it in a wrong way. they just pushed there legs out in air and can’t hold it for 5 second.We can become master in L-sit with breaking down this workout into steps and slowly will able to do L-sits perfectly. in this blog will talk about the progressions of L-sit workout. though i have performed L-sit push ups. its not easy as it looks but with proper training and guidance will get our results .

L- sit push ups Progression 

1. keep your both  feet straight on the ground

  • Keeping your both feet on the ground, practice pushing your hands down, with your shoulders away from your ears.and slowly raise your upper body with your internal strength
  • Make sure to keep your butt directly beneath your shoulders. and hands parallel to your buts


2. Try to put off one feet of the floor

  • Start pushing out with on leg straight out in the air and other keep one feet stationary on the floor.
  • Bring one foot off the ground at a time, maintaining the angle in your knee and pointing your toes. Just bring the foot up slightly. and make sure your internal strength will keep your body life in the air for certain seconds.
  • Keep the chest up–don’t lean your chest forward to meet your knee.
  • Try to push out your both legs in air parallel to your body and try holding your body with both the hands wile in tug position.


3. Tuck Position

  • The next step is the tuck.
  • Work on bringing both feet up at once. If you have trouble with this, first work on coming on to your toes and working on bringing one leg up at a time, until you can get into a full tuck position.

6. Full L-Sit

  •  You’re now ready to work on the full L-Sit, extending both legs at a time while keeping the rest of your body solidly in position.
  • Don’t panic it will take  takes some time to feel comfortable. Just be patient with yourself and work through it slowly.  practice regularly or you can take help from your trainer to be expert in L-sit position

7. L-sit push ups

  • Now go back in the positions of plank and make 1 push up and simultaneously lift your body with feets underneath and brings both the legs in front of you body  in tug position
  • In starting hold it for 2 second and slowly slowly increase your time interval of tug position
  • Now repeat the push ups and L-sit workout simultaneously


Results :

you will see the results of this workout simultaneously in your chest,triceps, shoulders and abs.



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