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How to Pack For a Short Motorcycle Trip


A motorcycle road trip adventure is the first thing that everyone thinks about when they buy a motorcycle. If you are an adventure enthusiast you must have been on a road trip by now. However, most people find it really hard to plan a road trip solely on a motorcycle. We have seen that people join a motorcycle group right away so that they can easily know about tips and tricks for a good road trip. One thing that most people do not understand is that going out on a road trip with a group is different from going alone. You need to take care of everything on your own and you cannot rely on anyone. Most people get ready for the group road trip where they brief you about the route and tell you to meet them and park your bike at a certain place. Apart from this, the concept of sharing is very common. You can easily borrow things from others and it is easier to tell someone to carry things for you. Where most people find group trips easy, others do not like the idea. The main reason behind this is the fact that some people like the idea of sharing but they have no control over the route and destination. If you want to enjoy full freedom and you want to choose the destination on your own without depending on anyone, you have to go on a solo road trip at least once.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know how to pack for short solo trips. Starting from the list that will help you pack to choosing the best strategy, we have listed everything that can help you become a professional motorcycle road trip enthusiast.

Simple Packing Tips That Will Save Your Life

Motorcycles have no luggage carrying option, so you need to get a pair of saddlebags. Apart from this will can also get heard cover carries that can be attached at the back of the motorcycle seat. Where most people struggle with a duffle bag, others look for an option that can be easily adjusted. There are simple bags that can be simply screwed at the back of the motorcycle. You will not need to adjust the size or tie it anywhere. Another important thing is that you can get a pair of saddlebags. These bags are of the same size so the balance of the motorcycle will not be affected. Overall, the choice of luggage bags is very important for packing. Before you start loading, make sure you have different options for luggage bags.

How to Customize the Luggage Options?

For customizing the luggage and knowing what you should keep with you and what is not worth the time, you need to keep a few things in mind. Starting from the destination to the time you will be staying there, everything is important.

  • Know where you are going, your destination will help you decide what to carry
  • Know when you are going, the time and date will help you pack according to the weather conditions
  • Know how long will you be staying there, this will help you decide about the quantity of the thing you need to carry
  • Plan the route before packing, this will help you know at kind of track you will have and if you can carry too much luggage or the route will make it difficult to carry weight
  • Keep in mind if you are carrying a passenger with you or you have enough space to carry an extra bag.
  • Know about the location so that you can decide if there are some shops where you can buy things.

Minimalist Rules of Packing

Portability Is the Key

Since you need to carry things with you, you don’t have to carry anything that is big. Try to get something that is smaller in size and that you can adjust easily in your luggage bag. It all comes down to simple details, just a few minutes of research can help you carry everything.

Light Weight Is better

There is no way that you can adjust the same weight on both sides. This is the reason people keep complaining about the balance. To make it easier, you should get things that are lightweight. Some people want to carry cutters, tool kits, or camping equipment with them. You can easily get lightweight options that can be adjusted anywhere at any time.

Alternatives Will Help

There is a whole industry that offers a simple traveling option for almost everything. These options are not only small, but you can also buy for one person, family size or for two people. It all comes down to the things you want to carry and the options you have.

Don’t Fold, Start Rolling

While packing, don’t try to fold your clothes. You will be wasting time and space. The best option is to roll your clothes. They occupy less space, you can easily stuff things in your bags and you don’t have to carry a big bag.

Stuffing Is Not Good

Most people try to stuff things in their saddlebags which makes their bags not only heavy but in most cases, sharp objects tear bags apart. The best practice is to keep sharp objects separately and soft objects separately. Avoid stuffing because it can lead to balance issues as well.

Leave Things That You Can Buy

Don’t carry things that you can buy on the way. Carrying eatables or water will only make your luggage heavy.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, you need to keep in mind that anything that you can buy on your way should not be packed. Apart from this, anything that is heavy must be skipped or at least find a portable solution. Most people skip heavy objects altogether or try to get separate options. The best thing is to look for portable options within the same domain. Most people do not know that there is a whole tourism industry that offers portable luggage options so that you can carry things easily. You will see that these options are smaller in size, compact, and very lightweight so you can move them easily.



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