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How to Take Care of Your Hair during Lockdown


I hope you all are safe and healthy while the pandemic is going on in the full swing. As all of you are at your home there is no beauty parlor and salons are open to take care of your hair, in this post we’ll discuss how to take care your hair during lock down by your own at home.

For most people it’s like holidays, some are working from home and housewives are busy in kitchens trying out new dishes for their family. some of them doing office work from home, managing children and daily day to day work of the home, it is such a hectic schedule and possible that you miss out for hair care, so it  is very important to take some time out for hair care to get healthy and shiny hair.

Let’s dive in:

The Hair Care

Taking care of your hair at home is very important and it is not a tough deal, as of now we are protected from dust and pollution of outdoors but it’s very important to take care of your hair and keep healthy in this duration and it does not matter if you are at home or at your workplace

Egg Treatment

Since your hair is made of protein and egg can help to ensure that it grows fast and strong, It does not matter what type of egg you are using, but you’ll want to use the whole egg including the yolk to get the best results. Egg will strengthen your hair, and your hair will use the protein from the mask. This will also promote longer and thicker hair which will help you to get the healthy hair

Oil Treatment

Oil can be used for hair care without too much hassle or fuss; you should know which Oil to be used to get the desired results for your hair and scalp type, some useful oil treatment if you are looking for healthy and shiny hair.

Castor Oil: This is great for hair growth, and it will eliminate the frizz as well as making it grow faster. Castor Oil has some essential amino acids that are important for healthy hair growth. It even has the Omega-9 fatty acid that will nourish your hair as it grows. It will also help you to cure dandruff and acne; it will even promote the thickness

Olive Oil: This is a miracle for your hair, and it will add volume to the hair, helping to strengthen it and help it to grow fast. It will also make your hair shiner and softener; you need to just gently massage the oil into your scalp for about 10 to 20 minutes. Let the oil sit for about an hour. Do not use a lot of shampoo when rinsing your hair.

Coconut Oil: it is good for your hair and has anti fungal properties and prevents your hair from breaking, however using warm coconut oil is much more effective, and you have to apply it for 30 minutes before shampooing

Neem oil: it has medicinal properties and they’re disinfectants, need to wash your hair with shampoo before using neem oil. It can even help by taking care of dandruff, it’ll help with shine and growth


Green Tea Treatment

Green Tea is rich in antioxidants which will promote hair growth. Just remember that you have to use quality green tea to get the results you want. You need to apply warm green tea on your scalp and massage it through your hair and leave it on for an hour before rinsing it with cold water

Hair wash

You should follow a good hair care routine it helps a lot, do not wash your hair on the daily basis as it’ll strip essential oil from your hair, to clear the dust try conditioner instead of shampoo, you can use a cleansing mild organic shampoo once in a week for washing, it removes the dust and helps to get smooth and silky hair like the “hair rebonding treatments” in trends nowadays in metro cities like Delhi NCR

Apply Hair Mask

Good organic hair masks and having the least chemicals are the best ones to use; they are not so expensive and even can be made at home with Oils and natural ingredients available at home. You have to use a hair mask every week to get tangle-free hair.

Right Brush to Comb

Brush your hair carefully every morning with a comb for five minutes. Avoid over-brushing, advisable to brush before washing so it does not need to be brushed aggressively after, use a paddled brush to comb the hair or find the best one to comb as per your choice which suits the volume of your hair

Avoid Heat Protectants

Avoid heat protectants because they are typically made of silicone’s or other chemicals the coat the artificial layer on the hairs, don’t use too much heat styling products it can damage your hair and it leads to hair tangling.

Don’t Wrap and Rub Hair with Towel

The smoothening (hair smooth) effect after washing with shampoo and conditioner will go away if you rigorously use a towel to dry your hair, it will get dry but it makes hair fragile and prone to damage, and in case of ponytail and bun of wet hair it will take more time to dry, it is advisable with to dry the hair with soft hand, use a good cotton cloth and but eventually, it will dry in the open air, this way we can save the hair from tangling and damage

Balance Diet

Balance Diet is very important to maintain the healthy hair it is like miracles of certain foods, here given some super food details to add in your diet plan to stay healthy and maintain healthy hair.

Protein, Iron, Omega-3, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Zinc, Avocado, Berries, Spinach, Fatty Fish, Sweet Potatoes, Nuts, and Seeds are good for healthy hair and we have to take food accordingly to stay healthy and maintain hair health.

Author Bio

Shikha is dam good hairdresser, she is committed to learning the ins and outs of several techniques that she use as per the clients requirements of the hair style, very creative having good communications skills that is very important in this industry. She is a part of Hair Rebinding Studio more than 5 years.




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