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Insight regarding acid reflux for limiting its occurrences

Gaining an insight regarding acid reflux for limiting its occurrences

People often are negligent about the effects caused by acid reflux and simply take an over the counter antacid to resolve the issue momentarily. It is not unusual to face an acid reflux after having a sumptuous meal but if it is an isolated incident then relying on the action of antacids is fine but if acid reflux instances have considerably increased and have become a chronic issue then only relying on antacids is not a sensible decision.

An elucidation of acid reflux

In order to acquire a deeper understanding of the collateral damage created by bouts of acid reflux it is important to know what is meant by acid reflux and how it occurs in the human body. The movement of food through the food pipe ends when it reaches the opening of the stomach. The opening is guarded by a set of sphincter muscles which are present to allow unidirectional flow of food contents. Once closed the food is to be simplified and passed towards the alimentary canal for additional digestion and absorption.

But sometimes due to high acidity or ineffective digestion the churned stomach contents flow back through the sphincter towards the esophagus. Usually the sphincter muscle doesn’t allow the reverse flow of food but in specific instances the back flow occurs. This causes the churned food to travel all the way through the esophagus and is sometimes expelled from the mouth in the form of acidic semi digested food. This is what is primarily called acid reflux.

Prime problems that initiate acid reflux reaction

There are many reasons that cause acid reflux; some of these are discussed below:

  • Excessive consumption of food at a time:

The stomach has a certain capacity beyond which it fails to properly digest food. If a person eats too much in one single meal then it becomes difficult for the stomach to properly churn the food which results in improper digestion and eventually acid reflux.

  • Incomplete mastication and quick swallowing:

Food should be eaten slowly and the mastication should be done properly. If food is swallowed without properly forming the food bolus then it causes acid reflux because the stomach is unable to churn food efficiently as the food enters the stomach in quick succession without being masticated properly.

  • Immediate relaxation after food intake:

Individuals often prefer to take some rest after having a meal but if the rest is taken in a supine position then it creates additional pressure for the sphincter muscles to keep the stomach contents inside. If a person goes for a stroll or relaxes in a recliner then the chances of acid reflux occurrence is minimized effectively.

Complications that arise from neglecting acid reflux

However when no action is taken against acid reflux except for taking some antacids every now and then; then it can create a more complicated issue which is known as GERD disease. GERD can be simply delineated as a chronic form of acid reflux that has caused severe erosion of the fine epithelial lining of the esophagus. In order to understand this ailment the most prominent Gerd Disease Symptoms are enlisted below:

  • Bloating of stomach after food intake: Individuals who have developed chronic acidity will face the problem of bloating after every meal.
  • Vomiting after a meal: The sphincter muscles become weak due to consistent acid reflux which can cause the regurgitation of food often. It might become an everyday affair due to the improper closure of the LES.
  • Pain after swallowing: The constant irritation of the esophagus due to the acidic stomach contents causes the mucosal layer to get inflamed. Therefore whenever the food passes through the esophagus the inflamed area of the tube sends painful signals when the food bolus slides along the scarred region.
  • Coughing up blood: The action of acid reflux is corrosive for the delicate lining of the stomach and the esophagus which can cause ulcers. These ulcers might bleed upon friction or irritation which might come out in the form of blood from the mouth.
  • Cracked voice: The vocal cords present in the throat also get irritated by the acidic spurts that are forced out through the mouth. This can cause the cords to become reddened and swollen. Swollen cords will result in hoarseness of voice.

Choosing a diet that lessens the possibility of acid reflux

People often concern themselves with What Foods To Avoid For Acid Reflux but doesn’t look at their daily routine that can potentially increase the chances of acid reflux. However it cannot be denied that some products are well known culprits that invariably cause acid reflux in most situations. These food products are enlisted below:

  • Fruits rich in natural acid: Some fruits and vegetables are rich in ascorbic acid but for people suffering from GERD or frequent heartburn it is safer to avoid such fruits in unregulated quantities.
  • Sugar: The food products that are high in sugar require more acid for proper breakdown in the stomach which increases the risk of acidity. Sweetmeats are best avoided as snacks or post meals. It is true that a small quantity of sweets is not harmful but consuming toffees or similar sweets misbalances the acidic equilibrium of the stomach.
  • Caffeinated beverages: Caffeine present in coffee is another factor that can worsen acid reflux.
  • Saturated fats: The unhealthy saturated fats always give the stomach a hard time and makes digestion difficult. It can add to the problem of acidity and can cause acid reflux.
  • Processed foods: The preservatives present in processed food items are known to trigger an acidic reaction and are quite unsuitable for individuals who suffer from these problems on a daily basis.
  • Spices: Spices are often used to enhance the taste of the cooked food but if too much is used in addition to garlic and/or onions then acid refluxes can occur.

Acid reflux is a known illness that counteracts proper digestion hence it is important to avoid instances that can cause this issue.




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